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New Business: Chimp&z Inc wins social media mandate for The Derma Co.

MUMBAI, INDIA — Merge Infinity Network’s full-service digital advertising alliance, Chimp&z Inc wins the social media marketing mandate for the leading science-based skincare brand, The Derma Co. Along with creating, managing, and executing end-to-end digital campaigns and strategies, the agency will also be responsible for social content and product photoshoots. The account was won post a multi-agency pitch and will be handled by the agency’s Gurugram office keeping social communications a notch up to drive digital sales.

The Derma Co. employs Artificial Intelligence to accurately diagnose consumers’ concerns, and their team of dermatologist’s curate regimes to address the issues. The advanced clinical formulations contain potent ingredients in the right concentration that are safe and effective to heal skin concerns. Chimp&z Inc will craft social media strategies for a science-backed filter-free communication with the consumers to highlight the brand’s vision, innovation, and offerings.

Ghazal Alagh, Co-founder, The Derma Co.

On the association, Ghazal Alagh, Co-founder, The Derma Co., said, “Skincare has evolved over the years and consumers are looking for specialized products for their skin concerns that are safe and effective. The Derma Co. has a wide portfolio of science-backed skincare solutions with potent ingredients in the right concentration that will help our consumers to heal their skin from within and reveal their filter-free skin. Chimp&z Inc resonates very well with our approach and through this partnership, we aspire to keep our audience engaged on social media and create a paradigm shift in skincare. We are delighted to partner with Chimp&z Inc for handling strategic and creative responsibilities for The Derma Co.”

Angad Singh Manchanda, CEO & Co-founder, Chimp&z Inc

Commenting on the win, Angad Singh Manchanda, CEO & Co-founder, Chimp&z Inc said, “We are elated to work on creating powerful social communications for a brand like The Derma Co., which thrives on making the Indian market vocal, and top-notch in skincare solutions. Their AI-driven methods hold a lot of potential for advancement in the beauty care sector. The dedicated team at Chimp&z Inc is excited to work on their social media amplification front and aspires to achieve game-changing results. This will lay the foundation of a close partnership that can yield phenomenal results in the days to come.”

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