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R/GA recognized for innovative work spaces and digital experiences

R/GA, an advertising agency best known for the Nike Plus, Beats by Dre, and the “Love Has No Labels” anti-discrimination campaigns, has gained recognition once again as one of the world’s most innovative companies, specifically for its work spaces and digital experiences.

R/GA placed fourth among advertising and marketing companies and was one among 50 ranked most innovative by the 10th edition of the World’s Most Innovative Companies by Fast Company, a business publication with a focus on technology.

R/GA recently moved into a new New York office, leaving behind the original Bahaus inspired structure that had grownto include adjacent buildings into a campus type affair. The new R/GA New York headquarters at 10th Avenue and 33rd Street—a 10,000 square foot space where all 800 of its people can share the same floor. The architectural firm of Foster + Partners implemented R/GA founder and CEO Bob Greenberg’s vision of a workplace that combine the digital and the physical world.


Workplace: The Connected Space Documentary, a video directed by Gary Hustwit for Film First., documented the entire creative process of creating a new work space.

The World’s Most Innovative Companies advertising and marketing sector for 2017 includes:

  1. Facebook: For launching creative new advertising products for the smartphone.
  2. Kenzo: For putting real art into advertising.
  3. FX Networks: For building buzz with backward teasers and unknown actors.
  4. R/GA: For designing workspaces and digital experiences.
  5. NetScout: For turning a B2B marketing strategy into a buzzy feature film.
  6.  Ingo Stockholm: For using technology to give tourism a special touch.
  7. Droga5: For taking risks with new kinds of content.
  8. Wieden+Kennedy: For seeing unlimited potential in TV commercials.
  9. 20th Century Fox: For using fart jokes for movie-marking magic.
  10. Venables Bll & Partners: For creating brand-defining campaigns for Rei, Facebook, and more.

The full list is avaible at

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