AMSTERDAM – TEDxAmsterdam has launched the world’s first Human Clock, an interactive campaign created by Amsterdam based creative agency, WE ARE Pi, in collaboration with MediaMonks and 100%Halal to celebrate the TEDxAmsterdam 2014 Conference. 

The social experiment aims to shine a light on human diversity by bringing together as many faces from across the globe as possible, as part of an ever-evolving digital clock. Created for the global TEDx network, the Human Clock is an iterative open source experiment that builds as each new face is added online. The goal is to reach 24 hours worth of one-second faces – a unique montage of portraits from around the world. 

The Human Clock was created to challenge humanity to celebrate its differences. No matter what your language, your race, where you’re from or what you do, we all have one thing in common – the time we share, United in Time.

To support and become part of the Human Clock, go to, take or upload a photo of yourself and become a part of the clock.

The Human Clock was created by Amsterdam-based creative agency WE ARE Pi. Following in the footsteps of previous award-winning campaigns of this collaboration, the Human Clock continues to strengthen the tone of TEDx communication, which focuses on Ideas Worth Doing. 

Alex Bennett Grant, managing director of WE ARE Pi said, “TEDxAmsterdam and the global TEDx Community are a demonstration of how amazing things happen when people get together. We continuously try to bring this to life in our collaboration with TED – in this case, uniting the world in time.”

Barney Hobson, Co-Founder and Creative Director of WE ARE Pi said, “The project is inspired by the thought that, one pair of hands tells the time, but many hands make history.”

The Human Clock will launch TEDxAmsterdam 2014 and celebrate TED’s 30th anniversary by capturing an entire generation of humans connected and inspired by Ideas Worth Spreading. The Human Clock will be presented to the TEDx Community at the 2014 TEDxAmsterdam Conference on November 28. 

Information on the 2014 speakers and performers can be found here