People: electriclimefilm’s Dora Claire David describes life as a Senior Producer and ‘thriving under pressure’

SINGAPORE — In August 2018, Dora Claire David joined the electriclimefilms family and ever since has been diligently heading up their team in Singapore.

Dora graduated from the LASALLE College of the Arts in Singapore in 2011, where she went on to gather a wealth of experience in the industry, from becoming a Production Assistant to moving into a Production Coordinator role with her previous companies.

However, this month she celebrated three years at electriclimefilms, and as Senior Producer, she led a dedicated team through several projects.


And she has explained what she loves about production having the ability to ‘thrive under pressure’.

“I am someone who loves learning something new every day, and that is something which production has given me,” Dora said.

“Every day might have a new problem or a new challenge, and you are always learning something new. It is quite amazing how much you keep learning in production, and it’s not just about film. You learn quite a bit about yourself, about how to handle different people and situations.

“Discovering how you perform under pressure might sound a bit cliché, but it’s true.

“Production can be huge in pushing you to perform under stress and I think it is really interesting. Naturally, as humans, we have this ‘fight or flight’ in us when you come to face-to-face with these situations. And it is really interesting to consciously learn how to manage that.

“Every shoot you bring something new forward to the next shoot; whether it is something personal to help your own growth or something to help someone else grow. Or sometimes just to see something in a different light.

“When I first started out I was definitely a lot more naïve than I am now, and that is something I have loved about production.

“The different thing at electriclimefilms is you can make the role what you want it to be. You’re not just a producer; you can still dabble in the creative side. What you do is not just defined by your official title.”


Read the full interview with Dora here.

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