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Brand & Business: Involve Asia announces expansion plans after business performance doubles in 2021 following Southeast Asia’s growing digital economy

KUALA LUMPUR, MALAYSIA — Involve Asia, a leading MarTech platform for ad attribution in Southeast Asia has announced its plan to further expand into Southeast Asia following its strong business performance over the last seven years since its establishment, with a compound annual growth rate of 141%. This comes as e-commerce and the digital economy in Southeast Asia saw a steady growth fuelled by new consumers adopting online services and increased spending on these platforms as a result of the pandemic.

Involve Asia connects brands, small medium enterprises and advertisers to website publishers, influencers, and affiliates, providing them with an omnichannel marketing solution that enables advertisers the ability to measure and manage the returns on their digital marketing partnerships on a single platform. Advertisers like Shopee, Lazada, Tokopedia, and more get access to over 240,000 partners ranging from influencers to frequently visited websites and more to help drive additional traffic back to their business through Involve Asia’s platform.

With an established presence in Southeast Asia, the Malaysian headquartered company oversees over one million partnerships with website publishers, influencers, and affiliates in the region, helping advertisers from over 200 global brands generate over US$1.4 billion in sales its inception, including e commerce giants, Shopee, Lazada, JD and Tokopedia.


“Southeast Asia is at the forefront of ecommerce and with many new users from developing areas outside of major metropolitan areas having only just come online and adopted new digital services. This presents a need for MarTech solutions to help brands optimize their marketing strategies and reach a wider pool of customers through bespoke and localized partnerships with website publishers, influencers, and affiliates. When each activity has a goal and a point value, it’s easy to show clients exactly how resources funnel up to top-line goals. This makes it easier to steer the ship, realign strategy, and tie activities to results,” shared Jimmy How, Founder and CEO at Involve Asia.

Jimmy added, “Many of the region’s leading e-commerce giants, service providers, and international brands are looking to capture the growing number of consumers who are adopting digital technology as their preferred mode for shopping or services. Establishing partnerships with established names and platforms in the digital space has become a focus for many brands. Doing this at a massive scale can be taxing with so many moving parts to manage, that’s where Involve comes in – allowing brands to maintain thousands of partnerships at ease with our proprietary tech platform.”

He further added, “Additionally, brands and businesses have accelerated their digital transformation journeys and are adopting an omnichannel approach in retail 4.0, this has enabled us to expand our footprint in Southeast Asia and help uplift businesses by providing an efficient one-stop and performance-driven solution for marketers and advertisers to reach their audiences through the right digital channels.”

Since its founding in 2014, Involve Asia has been working closely with e-commerce, travel and financial services brands to manage their digital marketing campaigns on the open web across Southeast Asia. Headquartered in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia, Involve Asia has presence in six countries in Southeast Asia and has raised US$3.5 million to date, counting global venture capitalist firm 500 Startups, Accord Ventures, OSK Ventures International, GDP Venture, CAC Capital, and Cradle Seed Ventures as their investors.

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