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Creative Review by Santosh Padhi

Popularly known as ‘Paddy’, Santosh Padhi started his advertising career two decades back. An art graduate from Mumbai who started his career with DDB, he worked a ten-year stint at Leo Burnett, where he was an Executive Creative Director and the National Head of Art. Seven years ago, he started his new creative venture: ‘Taproot India’, which has since risen to become one of India’s most prominent creative agencies, notching up several accolades along the way. Paddy also holds the record for the most number of Cannes Lions (23) by an individual Indian creative from India.

TITLE: Tide Tagapagligtas ng Sangkaputian, 50’s TVC
AGENCY: Leo Burnett Manila
The attempt was there to get some amount of humor before the global format gets in, But the over-the-top approach never took off or created as much impact as it should have been, It’s a cliche to show women/mothers struggle while washing. We have seen so many versions and sufferings in the past, but at times if the cliche is done with a new take and twist it still works and leaves a definite impact.


TITLE: Philippine Airlines: The Heart of the Filipino, 60’s TVC
AGENCY: Ogilvy & Mather Philippines
CLIENT: Philippine Airlines
Nothing really is popping up for me, at the end of the TVC I won’t remember anything, again it’s falling into the mundane format of what every airline is trying to say from kid to senior citizens from local to foreigners: we take care of everyone—blah, blah, blah! At least the same things shot beautifully could have made the film look better. I feel this was a lost opportunity on the occasion of the company’s 75th year like “it takes nothing less than 75 years to reach here”.

TITLE: E. Zobel Foundation and 4As Art Lotto, interactive
AGENCY: Publicis JimenezBasic
CLIENT: E. Zobel Foundation and 4As Creative Guild
Nice, fresh and new age approach, suddenly Lotto being seen, heard and noticed. It’s a win-win scenario for both parties actually, good integration of offline and online, it’s simple and easy to get involved, what this does is in real sense involve consumers to let their creative side flow. This sort of easy consumer involvement always works best for brands. I have never played Lotto ever but this makes me want to try my luck!

TITLE: Domex Correction Tape, Outdoor
AGENCY: MullenLowe Philippines
The insight isn’t that fresh. The human sensor (on-off) technology too has been overused. There was a possibility at least to create the impact with the poster which is very weak to me. Ideally, it should have been more like a poster than a print.

TITLE: Yamaha Campaign, Poster Campaign
AGENCY: Dentsu Philippines
CLIENT: Yamaha Motor Philippines
I liked the fact that the idea has a big bike. At times it becomes easier to sell a creative idea to client if his/her product is there in full glory, but coming back to the idea (I’m assuming keeping lights on during daytime is a local behavior ?) hence this campaign is made, but what I’m struggling to understand is: does this really work? If someone cannot see the big bright bike or car in bright sunlight will they see a headlight?

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