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Awards: B2B Cut announced and deadline extension for Gerety 2022

PARIS, FRANCE — The new category will celebrate the best in creativity for advertising of products and services between two businesses. In announcing the B2B Cut executive jury member, Katharina Maun, Founder & CCO, DODO, Austria explained: “B2B marketing being treated as the unloved stepchild of creative advertising, is a thing of the past. Realizing that we live in a globalized world where businesses need to build relationships with partners around the world, opens up a huge field of creative opportunities. Especially when addressing really niche target groups, creatives are challenged to find new ways of communicating. And the cliche that B2B advertising is unemotional and boring is passé: businesses are people. They read your stuff. So be nice, surprising, and creative.”

TV/Cinema, Print, Alternative, Online Films, Digital, Radio, Product & Packaging Design, Mobile and Integrated campaigns can be entered into any of the Cuts including this new B2B Cut. Judging is based on the entries received in each Cut, regardless of medium, except for the Craft Cut which is judged by craft type.

The Gerety shortlist as well as the Agency and Production company of the year by country will be announced in June along with live jury insight panels in partnership with leading ad publications around the world. Gerety gets points for key rankings including the prestigious World Creative Ranking. Past winners have reflected that of other major award shows, with one important difference, being a Gerety winner is proof that the work resonates with a female audience.


See the full jury line up from around the world and enter the 2022 Gerety Awards at

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