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Awards: Kreativitet & Kommunikation and Effie Worldwide partner to launch Effie Denmark

COPENHAGEN, DENMARK – Kreativitet & Kommunikation, the professional body that advocates to create the world’s best framework conditions for companies working with creativity, communication and innovation in Denmark, joins the Effie network.

Based in Copenhagen, Kreativitet & Kommunikation has successfully run and operated the most prestigious award program in Denmark, the Advertising Effectiveness Award (AEA), celebrating the most effective and creative work in Denmark for the past 20 years. With the launch of Effie Denmark, AEA will become an Effie Award competition, extending its celebration of marketing effectiveness to a global stage.

“We are very proud to partner with Effie Worldwide – and to be launching Effie Denmark in order to continuously inspire and showcase what fantastic results you can achieve by thinking out of the box when it comes to marketing strategy, innovative media activation and creativity,” says Kim Boisen, Chairman of the Board of Kreativitet & Kommunikation.


Effie’s mission as a global non-profit organization is to lead, inspire and champion the practice and practitioners of marketing effectiveness globally, which it achieves through awards, education & training, and global thought leadership.

“We are proud to partner with Kreativitet & Kommunikation to launch Effie Denmark and expand global recognition of excellent work in the Nordics and in such a critical European market. Kreativitet & Kommunikation has a longstanding record of championing effectiveness, while operating with the highest standards and rigor, which makes them a trusted partner to lead the Effies in Denmark,” said Traci Alford, Global CEO of Effie Worldwide. “We look forward to showcasing the most effective marketing and marketers driving growth in Denmark through the Effie Awards and the Effie Index, while continuing to elevate the global conversation and learnings around ideas that work.”

Effie Denmark’s finalists and winners will receive points towards their rankings in the global Effie Index, the annual ranking of the most effective marketers, brands, holding companies, agency networks, agency offices and independent agencies globally and will also determine local rankings within Denmark and Europe.

Details about Effie Denmark and its inaugural Effie Awards program will be announced soon.

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