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Awards: Malaysia Effie Awards invites senior practitioners to join its judging panels, enhancing depth and diversity of opinions

PETALING JAYA, MALAYSIA — In the lead-up to its 14th edition, the Malaysia Effie Awards is announcing, for the first time, an open invitation to senior Malaysia-based marketing and advertising practitioners to form its judging panels.

The open call is expected to help generate judging panels with enhanced diversity and an expanded range of opinions.

Since its inception in 1968 in New York, the Effie Awards has been recognised by agencies and advertisers worldwide as the pre-eminent award in the communications industry. The prestigious award also runs parallel to one of the key pillars of the 4As in the promotion of commercial creativity and its effectiveness.


Until this year, all entries across all award categories were evaluated by judges appointed and approved by the organizing chair and chief judge.

“Apart from being entrusted with the responsibility of selecting and assessing entries in the world’s most prestigious, “gold standard” marketing effectiveness award, judges also have ringside seats to the latest in marketing communications techniques that have proven effective in Malaysia,” said Andrew Lee, 4As President.

“We welcome applications from potential judges who bring different perspectives to the process – from industry leaders and celebrated creatives to marketing powerhouses and iconic individuals. By assembling judging panels of varied and accomplished experts, we are also committed to taking a first step towards addressing Diversity, Equity, and Inclusivity (DEI) shortcomings in the Malaysian advertising landscape,” added Lee.

Organised by the Association of Accredited Advertising Agents Malaysia (4As), the Effies are an industry award that rewards achievement in meeting and exceeding marketing communications objectives with a focus on effectiveness, in honoring teamwork between agency and client, and in creating brands that become part of our cultural landscape.

The Effie Awards also take into consideration that agencies have to wield a broad range of advertising and marketing disciplines that must mesh to produce success in the marketplace.

“To win, campaigns must successfully combine all the disciplines that enter into a successful marketing program: strategy planning, market research, creative, media and account

management. They must demonstrate a partnership between agency and client in the creation, management, and building of a brand,” said Khairudin Rahim, 4As CEO.

Last year, Malaysia Effie Awards evaluated 197 entries, a 42% increase from the 138 submitted in the previous edition of the awards.

“Why is this important? A rising tide lifts all boats. As the Marketer continues to understand and appreciate the elements that make a marketing campaign effective, standards and expectations go up. This heightens competition, allowing the industry to become more effective,” added Khairudin.

Potential judges are invited to submit their applications via the Effie Malaysia website https://forms.malaysiaeffie.com/juryform.cshtml before 31 March 2022. All Malaysian and foreign advertising, marketing, and related industry practitioners residing in Malaysia are eligible to apply if they have not previously served as a Malaysia Effie Awards judge.

The Effie Awards call for entries is expected to be announced in May, with the judging process during September, followed by the Awards Gala in December 2022.

More information on the Malaysia Effie Awards can be found at

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