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Insight: Inside the jury’s mind: The two elements of an award-winning 2022 YouTube Works campaign

MANILA, PHILIPPINES — YouTube Works Awards, in partnership with Kantar and adobo Magazine, returns to the Philippines after a successful inaugural run last year to celebrate the most creative and effective advertising campaigns on YouTube by brands and brilliant creatives. The deadline of submissions is extended until June 3, 2022 and marketers may submit entries via https://yt.be/works/ph.

While 2021 saw brands tell stories in the midst of a tumultuous year, 2022 provides a year of renewed optimism and new habits formed as the world navigates the post-pandemic situation. This also provides a creative refresh for the country’s most talented minds, with larger boundaries to explore and new consumer habits to leverage in the digital sphere.

Last year, RC Cola’s “Basta” campaign won big as it took home awards for its bravery in taking creative risks and demonstrating excellence throughout the entire creation process — the ideal example of an effective and creative video ad amid the challenges of COVID-19.


“With restrictions now easing in the Philippines, we look forward to seeing how marketers are taking their insight and creativity a notch higher to engage with consumers who are hopeful and excited to enter the world changed by the pandemic,” said Google Philippines Head of Marketing Gabby Roxas.

adobo magazine talked to this year’s YouTube Works Awards jury, made up of some of the country’s best marketers, digital experts, directors, creatives, and content creators on the elements that make a great (and award-winning) YouTube ad — and according to them, it boils down to two elements. Here is what they said:

Makes viewers forget the skip button

When an ad comes on in the middle of a video on YouTube, the first instinct of most viewers is to wait for the skip button to show up so they can get back to their regular programming. But a truly effective ad keeps viewers’ eyes glued to the screen. Acclaimed filmmaker Dan Villegas said it best: “A great ad on YouTube is one you don’t skip.”

Angie Tijam Tohid, Executive Creative Director at Havas Ortega Group, also agreed. “[A YouTube ad is great] when it successfully interrupts viewers’ instinct to look away, making them forget the skip button and moving them to click on the share icon.”

But how can an ad achieve a must-watch quality that doesn’t make viewers want to skip? Content creator Ryan Reyes, also known as Ninong Ry, weighed in. “[An ad] should provide entertainment value rather than pure brand exposure. It’s short, simple, and snappy. If [a brand is] working with a personality, the exposure of the talent and the personality should be balanced, not one overshadowing the other.”

Provides authentic value and meaning to viewers

While an ad that can capture your attention in six seconds is certainly impressive, what sets great ads on YouTube apart from the rest is its ability to provide authentic value and meaning, beyond just being a catchy video. Dave Drilon, Chief Digital Officer of total Publicis Groupe PH, said it succinctly: “Simplicity is about subtracting the obvious and adding the meaningful.”

He added, “I think the best ads on YouTube embody that. While the structure, narrative, and visual styles may be different, great work looks innovative but always feels authentic.”

Meanwhile, according to educational content creator Lyqa Maravilla, a great ad “doesn’t make them stay. It makes them want to stay.”

Sol Romero, Managing Partner, AOR Head of the Nestle account in Openmind, added that this year’s winning ad must be able to genuinely connect with its viewers. “A great ad is one that is able to create a meaningful and impactful connection to its target audience while driving positive brand and business results to marketers. It leverages on quality and timely insights and data that will fuel the ‘who’ and ‘why’ of the content and the ‘when,’ ‘where’ and ‘how’ of the medium by which the content is delivered.”

Creating meaningful connections goes beyond mere brand recall; it entails genuinely understanding your target audiences’ needs, a lesson learned in 2021 that remains true today. Can your ad evoke a visceral reaction from the viewer or provide solutions to their concerns? Balancing viewership insights and content authenticity will help your ad stand out.

Think you have an ad that falls under these elements? Enter the YouTube Works awards, submit entries at https://yt.be/works/ph. The eligibility period is from January 1, 2021 to December 31, 2021.

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