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Navneet Education Limited shares series of wins for ‘Tr. For Teacher’ campaign, including Cannes Lions and Kyoorius Elephants

MUMBAI, INDIA — Navneet Education Limited (NEL), a leading educational content provider, is delighted to announce its outstanding achievements at the Cannes Lions Awards 2023, the Abby One Show Awards at Goafest 2023, and the Kyoorius Awards 2023. The company has received a series of prestigious “metal” and “elephants” for its exceptional campaign “Tr. For Teacher,” solidifying its position as a creative force in the field of education.

The “Tr. For Teacher” initiative was launched to honor teachers by providing them with a title similar to that of what a doctor (Dr.), captain (Capt.), or judge (Justice) might use. Navneet thinks that there are many noble professions that come with titles. However, the profession that makes all these professions possible – teacher – is always ignored. Teachers work tirelessly to shape children’s futures, with absolutely no expectations of being recognized or rewarded. That makes teaching one of the most noble and selfless professions of all time.

With this insight, Navneet Education Limited achieved recognition at the prestigious Cannes Lions Awards with a Silver Metal in the Entertainment – Challenges & Breakthroughs, Social Behavior & Cultural Insight Lions, along with the Bronze Metal in the Sustainable Development Goals Prosperity, Decent Work and Economic Growth category. These accolades highlight Navneet’s ability to address societal issues and make a positive impact through its creative campaigns.


At the Abby One Show Awards 2023, NEL emerged triumphant with a remarkable total of seven metals for the campaign which resonated with the audience and showcased the power of innovative thinking in education. This campaign received two gold, three silver, and two bronze medals in various categories, including Audio Visual Cinema TV Digital, Public Relations, Integrated Campaign, Direct Infomercial, and more.

Furthermore, NEL has been honored with an impressive collection of accolades at the Kyoorius Awards 2023. The “Tr. for Teacher” campaign has earned the brand an astounding seven elephants, symbolizing excellence in creativity. Among the awards received are one Blue Elephant and five Baby Blue Elephant awards, solidifying Navneet’s commitment to exceptional creative work. Additionally, NEL was the sole recipient of the prestigious Brass Elephant award, which signifies “Creativity for Good,” making it the epitome of innovation in the industry.

Mr. Gnanesh Gala, CEO and Managing Director of Navneet Education Limited, expressed his joy and appreciation for the recognition received for the campaign. He stated, “We are thrilled to receive these prestigious accolades for our campaigns. This recognition is a testament to the hard work and dedication of our team and partners. We believe in the power of education to transform lives, and our campaigns always aim to create a positive impact in the field of education.”

Shishir Kapre, Executive Creative Director, who played a pivotal role in creating the campaign, shared his enthusiasm and said, “The multiple awards we have won showcase the immense power and impact of the ‘Tr. For Teacher’ campaign. This campaign has the potential to become a global phenomenon! I am extremely happy with the results, and I sincerely want to thank each and every person involved in this campaign, including Mr. Devish Gala, Sandeep Kotak, and Yogesh Dalvi from Navneet Education, as well as everyone from FCB Interface for their exceptional contribution. This is just the beginning!”

Navneet Education Limited remains committed to creating innovative educational content and campaigns that make a difference in the lives of students and teachers. With its remarkable achievements recently, the company continues to strive for excellence in providing quality education solutions and pushing the boundaries of creativity.

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