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Serviceplan Korea, Serviceplan Innovation, and Dot Inc. win 12 awards at Mad Stars 2023

SEOUL, SOUTH KOREA — Serviceplan Korea, the Korean subsidiary of Serviceplan Group, in collaboration with Serviceplan Innovation, has won a total of 12 awards, including five gold awards for Dot Pad at MAD STARS 2023 (Busan International Marketing Advertising Festival).

Serviceplan Korea and Serviceplan Innovation achieved a remarkable feat by winning a total of 12 awards including; five gold awards in the Design, SDGs, Interactive, and Innovation categories; four silver awards in the Direct, PIVOT, and PR categories; one Bronze award in the Brand Experience category; and two Crystal awards in the Mobile and Brand Experience categories at the MAD STARS 2023.

Pictured from left to right: Thomas Huh (Creative Director, Serviceplan Korea), Julie Kang (Managing Partner, Serviceplan Korea), Hyungjun Kim (Management Director, Serviceplan Korea)

Continuing a winning streak at significant international awards, Serviceplan Korea has been consistently recognized at major global advertising festivals held this year, including Cannes Lions 2023, New York Festivals, and the ADC Awards. Moreover, it secured the top position in the independent agency rankings for the Asia region at ADFEST and The One Club 2023.


The award-winning campaign was for Dot Inc. brand “Dot Pad.” Dot Pad is the world’s first smart tactile graphics display for the visually impaired, utilizing the core technology developed by Dot over seven years called the ‘Dot Cell’. Dot Inc., established in 2015, created this innovative device. Serviceplan established an innovation team to integrate Korea and global efforts from Dot’s early days of inception in 2015, taking charge of Dot’s brand incubation and global marketing endeavors.

Ah-rum Choi, Director of Global Social Impact, Dot Inc., said, “Through Dot Pad and Dot’s AI image engine, we can now create a variety of content. At Dot Inc., we are planning to make even more creative efforts to enable visually impaired individuals to experience a wide range of fields such as mathematics, science, gaming, art, and design.”

Julie Jihyun Kang, Serviceplan Korea Managing Partner, explained, “Receiving significant awards at the Busan International Advertising Festival (Mad Stars) holds great significance for us. Following our success at ADFEST, Serviceplan Korea has achieved an unprecedented accomplishment by winning awards in all categories we submitted to at the Busan International Advertising Festival. With our unique creative capabilities and global infrastructure, we aspire to contribute to the branding and revenue growth of various companies in both domestic and international communications.”

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