Apol Sta. Maria’s first solo exhibit is ‘a komik about art’

MANILA – November 6, 2013 – Apol Sta. Maria’s first solo show will feature the artist’s signature funny style, except instead of using pencil and paper, he uses oil paint and canvas. 

"Oil on Canvas," which opens on November 16 at the Liongoren Gallery on New York Avenue in Cubao, is a narrative told through comics done in 17 oil paintings, though each piece can also stand alone.

"Iba-ibang style ng panels bawat isang page, may 2-page spread pa ako na ginawa, so diptych sya pag sa gallery," Sta. Maria shared.


Describing the exhibit, artist Jose Tence Ruiz said, "With a premise that proposes to pare down the sacred membranes separating high art, its conceit, and the baser bliss of frame to frame narrative, Oil Painting by Apol Sta. Maria lays bare in its bare layout a plea, not exactly Kafkaesque, more Dostoevsky, of just trying to find some unfettered relief, by way maybe of humor, by way more of irony and parody, by way even of poly-polar contradiction, from the cloying sameness of days spent just waiting for better days."

"Mahirap ikwento dito yung details ng story saka mas maganda sya makita ng live kaya tara! Yung super typhoon lang ang hindi invited," he said. The exhibit was originally scheduled to open on November 9, but was moved due to Super Typhoon Haiyan (Yolanda), which was said to be one of the strongest typhoons in 2013.

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