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Limitless Lab fosters meaningful connections among social innovators in Southeast Asia

MANILA, PHILIPPINES — On September 21, Limitless Lab launched an inclusive online community platform called Limitless Lab Communities, designed to empower social innovators in Southeast Asia. This unique platform offers networking opportunities, access to courses, and funding opportunities, all free of charge.

Limitless Lab Communities is open to changemakers and innovators from diverse sectors, including social enterprises, startups, youth initiatives, government agencies, foundations, and non-governmental organizations.

Considering the presence of over 100,000 social enterprises across Southeast Asian countries (British Council, 2021), each operating with distinct missions across various sectors, the significance of networking and mentorship has become more important. Strengthening the foundations of these enterprises requires avenues that foster meaningful connections.


“With complex global challenges in front of us, from climate change to social inequality, social innovators play a crucial role in bridging gaps and fostering collaboration among governments, civil society, and startups to find sustainable solutions,” said Joie Cruz, Founder and CEO of Limitless Lab.

Limitless Lab Communities, in turn, offers a platform for collaboration to achieve greater social impact. It also supports innovators in enhancing their entrepreneurial capabilities. Users can participate in online events, exchange innovative ideas, and access tools for their business journey.

“Our work directly aligns with the United Nations’ 2030 Sustainable Development Goals, and by empowering and providing a space for more social innovators through Limitless Communities, we believe that we can accelerate our collective journey toward a more equitable, sustainable, and inclusive world,” she added.

Additionally, users can assess their current level of innovation knowledge, skills, and experience through the Social Innovation Meter (SIM), an assessment tool designed to help them create a strategic progress plan.

Developed by Limitless Lab, SIM enables individuals and organizations to evaluate their social innovation knowledge, skills, resources, environment, and network, as well as assess the impact they are making in their community. This empowers them to identify areas for improvement and amplify their social impact.

The launch event took place at Acceler8 Rockwell in Makati City, with representatives from the Philippine innovation ecosystem and development sector. Participants had the opportunity to experience the platform’s features in real-time and showcase their initiatives through networking activities and interactive exhibits.

Maria Korina “MK” Bertulfo, CEO and Founder of Filipinas Home-based Moms — an initiative empowering work-at-home moms in the Philippines to advance their careers — graced the event and shared insights on the significance of community-building in innovation, along with her invaluable best practices. She underscored the importance of establishing a long-term vision for a community’s sustainability, while also affirming that encountering challenges is an inherent part of the journey.

Cruz added, “Through Limitless Communities, we hope to make social innovation initiatives of individuals and groups scale further and be showcased on the global stage, which in turn can inspire others to take action themselves. Truly, we can do so much when we are together.”

To sign up for Limitless Lab Communities, click here

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