adobo Picks: This Valentine’s, We Are Celebrating All Kinds of Love with these Campaigns


MANILA, PHILIPPINES – Don’t we all have a love-hate relationship with this particular holiday? But love is love, and love wins whether you’re single, taken, or in a complicated relationship today. Everyone deserves to feel the love today.

With that, we’ve compiled the most romantic, and heart-warming campaigns we could find to give you that extra kilig boost.

Kwentong Jollibee: Space (2020)

Kwentong Jollibee Valentine Series 2020: Space

This short film for the new Jollibee Valentine’s Series, teaches us again about the right kind of love, and it follows the break-up story of Dan, a humorous and dedicated boyfriend to his former girlfriend, Mae.

He then meets at Jollibee his former seat mate, Mitch, who is like him in more ways than one, and begins a new relationship with her, that is when Mae comes back. Dan is the faced to choose between them, and he chooses to stay with his “The One”, the person that will accepts him for who he really is, a quirky and fun-loving guy, and that is Mitch.

Wemo -- The Big Anniversary Rig (2014)

The Big Anniversary Rig - WEMO

We always think that long distance relationships are risky, but for husband and wife, Dan and Rachel, distance makes the heart grow fonder.

The story follows Dan, who can’t be with his wife, Rachel, for their first wedding anniversary, so he used their home automation system, Wemo, to control their appliances and woo her from afar.

Singtel -- From Ma, with Love (2019)

From Ma, With Love

All of us has had the urge to escape from our parents and live freely. The same goes with these three students who finally had the chance to fly and study abroad. But, as they start unpacking their things, they find items packed in for them by their parents: food, extra clothes, blankets, money.

One student even receives a letter from her mom who reminds her to take care of herself while she is away, which also touched the hearts of her roommates, and they all ended up calling their families.

Close Up: P.S I Love You, Bro (2019)

closeup #MakeYourMove Films | P.S. I Love You, Bro

The story follows two men, as they struggle to make a move on each other. The story is taken from the point of view of Raffy. He meets a guy at a milk tea shop who is afraid to come out because of what other people might say, but at the end they both conquer their fear, and finally introduced themselves to each other.

It is as it is. Make your move, because you would never know until you try.

Singtel -- Mr. Lim’s Reunion Dinner (2018)

Mr Lim’s Reunion Dinner

Here’s a tearjerker. The film starts with Mr. Lim excitedly going to the market to prepare for Chinese New Year, where his two children, will be coming home.

But both of his children calls and says they won’t be able to make it due to their own last minute plans. Mr. Lim still decides to continue his plan for the dinner, cooking many of his family’s favorite dishes even without his children. After a bite or two, he sees his family at the door. They came home after all.

Extra Gum -- Can’t Help Falling In Love (2015)

Extra Gum - Can't Help Falling In Love Feat. Haley Reinhart

This ad never fails in making us fall in love with it. It features Hailey Reinhart as she explores the wonders of young love that lasts for a lifetime.

It tells the story of two young adults as they share small, but meaningful moments with each other that then lead to one of the biggest milestones in their relationship, all because a pack of gum. This plus the song “Can’t Help Falling In Love” that was sung by Hailey, herself, made this ad perfect.

McDonald’s -- Love Namin Kayo (2016)

McDonald’s gives tributes to all the parents in this short film. It features a series of heartwarming clips of bonding moments of children with their parents.

From a father braiding his daughter’s hair, to a mom and her child dancing in the rain, while the song “Tatanda at Lilipas din ako” plays in the background sang by a group of kids will have you longing for your mom and dad too.

BIANCO -- The Lift (2019)

BIANCO presents: The Lift

A girl, a boy, and an awkward elevator ride.

In this commercial by BIANCO, we follow a man and a woman who happen to ride the same elevator everyday. On the first time they meet, they were already infatuated with each other. As time passes and they share more awkward moments together inside the elevator, they still can’t get to say “hi” to each other.

As they blankly stare into each other, the elevator opens, and the girl walks out. If only they said “hi”, it could’ve been the greatest love story ever told.

New York Life -- Love Takes Actions (2020)

Love Takes Action | :60 Commercial | New York Life Insurance

The ad shows that there are different kinds of love. Love for our friends, for our families, and for our significant others, and this is what the short film tells us about, but more importantly about the fourth kind of love called, agape. Love that has an action, it requires strength, courage, and sacrifice. An unconditional love without asking for anything in return.

Love Has No Labels -- Diversity & Inclusion (2015)

Love Has No Labels | Diversity & Inclusion | Ad Council

Lastly, this beautifully curated spot that shows love has no labels. In the video, we see a black screen that shows skeletal representations of two people at the back who would come together, have a hug, kiss or what have you. The two people would then step out and reveal who they are, showing that love takes no creed, race, gender, or body image.

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