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F.Hero and Chef Pom have an ‘epic night out’ with Coca-Cola in Thailand

BANGKOK, THAILAND — Coca-Cola has just dropped Foodmarks in ASEAN and South Pacific. Forget boring food tours because Foodmarks is all about creating a cultural movement that celebrates local flavors and rhythms. For Coca-Cola, it’s all about uncovering hidden gems in each city and turning legendary food shops that have been cooking up magic for generations into epicenters of real magic. Think epic eats, unforgettable nights with friends, great beats, and the perfect ice-cold bottle of Coca-Cola to fuel it all.

Thailand has kicked off Foodmarks with a music video that’ll have viewers craving all the street food while bopping their heads. Titled “Epic Night Out,” the video features the legendary Thai rapper F.Hero and the highly-respected, OG foodie boss, Chef Pom.

Originally composed by F. Hero, the song lyrics are peppered with famous street food delicacies and locations where Thailand’s Gen Zs often frequent. Directed by Julien and Quentin from production house Hamlet, the music video tells the story of two legends meeting for the first time and having an epic night out with Bangkok street food and Ice-Cold Coke. Badmixy, one of the most trending influencers in Thailand and well-known for documenting the country’s latest food and beverage trends, also joins in the fun with a cameo appearance in the film. A trail of Easter Eggs in the film will surely surprise and excite fans.


TeeJae Sonza, Senior Director for Marketing at Coca-Cola said that the Coca-Cola Foodmarks in Thailand is one example of how Coke embraces the vibrant legacy of street food culture to bring together younger audiences for both small and big moments of connection. According to Sonza, by blending the scene’s culinary attributes, as represented by Chef Pom, with one of the hottest names in the Thai music scene, F.Hero, Coca-Cola hopes to provide fresh ways for Gen Z trailblazers to bring their tribe together to enjoy and vibe with these often-iconic food destinations.

This dream team, along with F.Hero’s fashion-forward Coke Cutlery Crew, takes viwers on an exciting ride through Bangkok’s electrifying street food scene.

The “Epic Night Out” video is just the appetizer for the Coca-Cola Foodmarks experience. There are more exciting happenings to hit the streets, such as Interactive Food Fests, where Bangkok’s vibrant street food scene gets an epic audiovisual (AV) takeover this April. Other markets are set to follow soon.

TeeJae said, “At the heart of the unwavering presence of Coca-Cola in the ASEAN and South Pacific is the celebration of shared meals with family and friends. With Foodmarks, we go beyond the dining table experience to spotlight the vibrant souls of local neighborhoods and the uncharted culinary treasures nestled within bustling cityscapes. This campaign is an ode to those legendary food shops rich in stories and flavors, offering this new generation of foodies a sensory expedition. It’s about crafting epic food narratives where every sip of Coca-Cola elevates the moment, connecting friends and families with each other, as well as to both heritage and innovation in taste.”

Foodmarks builds upon the legacy of Coca-Cola’s “A Recipe for Magic” campaign, celebrating the power of shared meals and the connections forged around food. It’s about turning your next visit to a local legend into an epic night out, fuelled by good food, good friends, and a refreshing Coca-Cola.


Client: The Coca-Cola Company
Title: Foodmarks – Epic Night Out
Agency: Ogilvy Singapore @ogilvysg
Executive Creative Director: Nikhil Panjwani      @nikthegreek83
Associate Creative Directors: Hugo Suissas @suissas, Tiago Silva @umtiago
Category Business Director: Juhi Bimbhet
Project Integrator: Priscila Lim
Associate Director PR and Influence: Brenda Ho
Account Director: Panita Thanajulintorn
Agency producer: Jacinta Loo
Junior Art Director: Sadhna Saku
Production Company: HAMLET
Director: Julien & Quentin @julienetquentin
Executive Producers: Ruben Goots @rubengoots, Jason Felstead @jjfelstead, Mathias Kerner @mathiaskerner
Producer: Antonin Romeuf @antoninrc
Music: F.HERO x Chef Pom – Epic Night Out

F.HERO @ftodah
Chef Pom @kwantipdevakula
Badmixy @badmixy

Service production co.: Taprod Bangkok @taprodbangkok
Service production co. producers: Louis Ditapichai, Sirichon Pongsaengson
@woodstockisabird / @boongsuperdarling
Post-Producer: Léa Török @lea.trk
Director of Photography: Antoine Cormier @antoinecormier
DP Agent: API Corp @apicorpagency
1st AD: Pattra Kanjanamek
Production Designer: Boontawee Taweepasas
Costume Designer:  Nirachara Wannalai
1st AC:Nattapong Phamon
Gaffer: Surachet Thongmee
Key Grip: Manop Pitichokjinda
Casting Director: Tipwarin Sotvithi
Photographer: David Jumpa
Post-Production Cy: HAMLET
Editor: Marie-Réglisse Monsimier @mariereglissemonsimier
Editor Agent: Cutaway
Color Grader: Nicolas Gautier @nico_gautier_colorist

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