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Base Genesis and MullenLowe Singapore collaborate on environmentally-friendly joss paper solution

SINGAPORE — Startup Base Genesis has collaborated with creative agency MullenLowe Singapore to create the Eco Hell Note, a joss paper innovation that burns cleanly without leaving residue. This reduces paper waste and offers an environmentally friendly alternative to burning joss paper while maintaining respect for traditional practices.

Launched in time for Qingming Festival, the Eco Hell Note prevents excessive purchasing and burning of joss paper for ancestors by using the largest possible denomination of money in the Chinese language — ‘Yi ji’ (一极) at 48 zeroes, such that a single note can represent stacks of hell notes. Printed on nitrocellulose paper, the sustainable product ensures complete combustion, leading to a cleaner and more sustainable practice.

Base Genesis Co-founder Chris Huang said, “At Base Genesis, our mission is to help our traditions flourish and remain relevant for generations to come, ensuring they not only endure but also contribute positively to the world. We hope that the Eco Hell Note can help more people uphold our traditions that are dear to us in a way that is sustainable, socially responsible, and keeping with our values of filial piety, giving thanks, and sharing with those in need.”


The Eco Hell Note was carefully crafted to reflect the traditional aesthetics of joss paper. It features auspicious colors such as gold and red, unique serial numbers, and an imperial seal. Burning the Eco Hell Note does not leave ash residue due to using flash paper, which burns completely. The note also has a special coating that creates a stunning visual spectacle when burned.

MullenLowe Singapore Executive Creative Director Shengjin Ang said, “We are delighted to work with Base Genesis to produce this new spin on the hell note, reimagining a traditional cultural artifact that has been part of Chinese culture for centuries. We believe this innovation will bring the younger generation into the conversation, helping them to find a balance between continuing cultural customs and practicing a way of life that is important to them.”

Founded by Chris Huang and Alex Teo, Base Genesis is a startup dedicated to revitalizing cherished traditions and connecting past wisdom with future aspirations. The company was successfully incubated by traditional joss paper wholesaler Ban Kah Hiang Trading, extending a family legacy led by third-generation owner Alex.

Learn more about the Eco Hell Note and Base Genesis’ commitment to sustainability here.

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