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Bates CHI & Partners and Wacoal say: Don’t wait to save your life

MANILA – Filipinos are used to waiting. In a country where 3G and even 2G are the speeds available to internet users, they are all too familiar with the circular buffer icon that appears before their videos.

This past Breast Cancer Awareness Month, buffers were used to bring awareness to the importance of breast self-examination. As women waited for their videos, be it on health, fashion, beauty, music and more, a pre-roll displayed twin buffer icons and revealed the message from Wacoal: “The wait is killing you,” followed by a call to action about self-examination.


“Breast cancer can be detected at an early stage by regularly doing a breast self-examination,” Ann Christine Palisoc, President of Wacoal Philippines said, “by taking a proactive stance on one’s health, early detection and treatment can be achieved.”

In the Philippines, breast cancer is the most common cancer in the country. “A self exam is so simple and easy to do,” Monique Francisco, Associate Creative Director of Bates CHI & Partners said, “through this pre-roll, we wanted to show Filipinas that waiting to check yourself can have mortal consequences.”

For more information on Wacoal’s Breast Cancer Awareness campaign, visit Wacoal.ph.

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