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Campaign Spotlight: And Now This introduces NFTrees – Have yourself an eco-friendly Christmas

THE NETHERLANDS – The good old Christmas tree. The cozy centerpiece of your home’s holiday setup. But is it eco-friendly? Nah, not really. In the Netherlands, about 2.5 million trees are sold each year – and thrown out again a few weeks later. Yeah, that’s a problem. In these times of metaverses and web 3.0, we believe we can do better.

Brand building agency proudly And Now This introduces: NFTrees. A unique, digital Christmas tree that you can reuse year after year. Each tree is one of a kind and randomly generated. In other words: it’s a Christmas tree NFT. An eco-friendly solution for a not so eco-friendly tradition.


Paul Bakker, co-founder And Now This: “2021 is the year of the NFT. All kinds of different NFT projects are springing up at the moment. With this project we wanted to see if we could create a bridge between the real world and the Web 3.0. So we came up with the digital Christmas tree; an NFT that makes a small contribution to a more sustainable world.

Together with designer Joëlle Strijk, we developed the project completely in-house. After several days and nights of concepting, coding, and solving problems, there were suddenly 2700 digital eco-friendly Christmas trees.

It was a super interesting and educational process within a new world, which is just arising. At the moment it is ‘just’ a digital image, but soon you will put this tree in your virtual house in the Metaverse. Who knows!”



For each NFTree sold, 50% will be donated to Restore Earth, an organization that helps restore the forest.

The price of an NFTree is around the price of a real one – 0,2 SOL – and you can purchase one on nftrees.land.


Agency: And Now This
Creative Directors: Jeroen de Korte & Paul Bakker
Art Director & Developer: Joëlle Strijk (Courtside Collective)

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