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Campaign Spotlight: Bupa Latin America and Geometry Colombia give us a great reason to get vaccinated: Out of Tune Anthems

BOGOTÁ, COLOMBIA — Today, Bupa Latin America and Geometry Colombia invite all Latin Americans to get vaccinated. At a time that pharmaceutical labs and governments around the world are making enormous efforts to meet the COVID-19 vaccine demand, thousands are not responding to this call, with consequences, such as the vulnerability of their health and the health of others.

This situation is worsening, and the complex situation that exists in hospitals throughout the region is not improving, delaying the hope to overcome a pandemic that we have experienced for over a year.


The Copa América has just passed, and it was shocking for the world to see the empty stadiums and the passion of the bleachers only in memories. An important moment in each match is the anthem, a ritual where players, fathers, mothers, grandmothers, and grandfathers teach the little ones that the anthem of a country is always sung with pride before every duel, that their voices rise until they give goosebumps of those who listen. An Anthem unites us all as citizens, as people, invites us to fight, to defend, and to feel our motherland in our veins.

Unfortunately, this year none of that could be lived, and the only ones who sang on the field were the players while the rest, the fans, saw with sadness that diminished song, that badly sung song.

So, Bupa Latam and Geometry decided to use this situation to remind them that the fastest way to get back to the stadium, to support the flag again in sports duels, is to get vaccinated, and for this, Bupa used the original audios of the players singing Out of Tune Anthems of their country in the stadium during each match of the Copa America.

Bupa is an international leader in healthcare that has been in Latin America for over 40 years to make people have long, healthy, and happy lives to create a better world, inviting all people to be brave, to live, and strive to achieve their goals with the peace of mind of being vaccinated, thanks to one of the best international health insurance coverages.

Bupa could not ignore this forced deprivation of a passion, as football is in the region. Currently, 28.3% of the world’s population already has at least one dose of the COVID-19 vaccine, while in Latin America the average reaches 43.72% of the population, according to figures from “Our World in Data.” This is how, together with their creative agency Geometry Colombia, they created 3 Films that seek to raise awareness about the importance of getting vaccinated.


Manuel Bordé: CCO Global

Edwin Pineda: CCO Colombia

Lucas Pimienta: Regional Motion & Content Designer

Jonhatan Bolivar: Lead Motion & Content Designer

Eduardo Romero: Creative Director

Gabriela Osorio: Account Executive

Maria Vacca: Media & Content Analyst

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