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Campaign Spotlight: Eyes Really Do Say More Than Words in Design Army’s New Ad for Georgetown Optician

Design Army and director Dean Alexander have teamed-up to create Georgetown Optician’s boldest, most eye-popping—and crazy bizarre—campaign yet: Eyes Say More Than Words.

“Moving beyond the optically-obsessed family exploits of previous campaigns, we pushed the brand’s edgy wit to a whole new realm of wonderfully twisted and absurd,” says director and collaborator Dean Alexander.


The wildly creative team conceived the WEIRDEST new world of silence where eyes do the talking—and quiet is zealously guarded. Set in the quietest library on Earth (a temple of hush), the film focuses on a tyrannical “Quiet Guard,” punishing patrons for the slightest sound. But a plot to overthrow — hatched only through knowing eyes (and super stylish frames, of course) — sparks The Silent Revolution.

“The world has become noisy with ineffective distractions and opinions,” says Pum Lefebure, Design Army’s Chief Creative Officer. “It’s time to silence the noise (a bit) and join the silent revolution to hear and think more before we put it out there. Speak Less. See More.”

DIRECTOR: Dean Alexander

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