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Campaign Spotlight: Initiating a conversation about often swept under the rug topics, The Man Company stresses #WeNeedToTalk, launches The Gentleman Show

GURUGRAM, INDIA — After launching two successful campaigns to debunk archaic stereotypes and busting myths surrounding men’s grooming, The Man Company has once again come up with a groundbreaking idea. The brand has recently launched a formidable podcast series, The Gentleman Show. The show started on a powerful note that started a conversation into “the no man’s land” Simply put, this one-of- a-kind show has ignited a conversation around everything men want to talk about but never get the opportunity, encouragement and support to do so.

The Gentleman Show is a platform where men can feel comfortable and encouraged to talk about topics that were never discussed or spoken before. And, even if such conversations started, they died down with a mere whisper. The show covers topics like personal grooming, relationships, fashion & lifestyle and career & finance. By emphasizing #WeNeedToTalk, the brand is chartering on the unchartered territory and striking conversations about every crucial aspect of male life.


Hosting this forward-thinking initiative is Ankush Bahuguna, a young and dynamic YouTuber, actor and content creator. Ankush is popularly known for posting short, quirky and witty videos on social media that often strike chords with millennials and the Gen Z population. He also has a dedicated Instagram profile as a makeup artist.

The first season of The Gentleman Show will comprise 26 episodes. On the show, celebrities from all walks of life make an appearance and talk about everything without barriers or hiccups. Within just 3-4 days after the first episode, the show has been included in the top charts of the Apple podcast (Society and Culture category) and Spotify.

The podcast can be exclusively watched on The Man Company’s YouTube channel, for which brand has created a microsite on its official website. Users can also audio stream it on all leading platforms like Apple Podcast, Google Podcast, Spotify, JioSaavn and Gaana.

Ankush Bahuguna, YouTuber, Actor, Content Creator and Host of The Gentleman Show, said, “Throughout my professional journey, I have tried to reinvent myself. First in comedy, then makeup, and now I am trying my hands at something completely different. However, even though podcasts are a new thing for me, The Gentleman Show is close to my heart. In the show, we are talking about things that I have witnessed men around me struggle with on a daily basis. Even today, there’s still uncertainty around so many men-related topics. But here on the show, we are laying it all bare. Striking a conversation with men about men is an exciting and learning experience. I truly believe we can make a change, or at least take a step towards the right direction with this show.”

Hitesh Dhingra, Founder of The Man Company, said, “The Gentleman Show is a unique approach to talk about men-related things that are often considered irrelevant or not-for-men. Until a few years ago, personal and grooming products were also considered just a women’s thing, not something men use. But, times have changed. This is why we decided to take the conversation forward and bring like-minded men together to strike a conversation about things men want to talk about but never have the courage or platform. To ensure maximum inclusivity, we have shot this quirky and unparalleled show in Hinglish so that no barrier can stop men from becoming a part of this much-needed conversation. The Gentleman Show, in many ways, is going to change the course of history. And, we believe this is the right time.”

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