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Campaign Spotlight: Oumph! challenges vegans to “Adopt a Carnivore” for Veganuary 2022

MADRID, SPAIN — Oumph! is back with a new spectacular campaign. Adopt a Carnivore, the award-winning Swedish plant-based brand, challenges plant-based consumers to adopt a carnivore for Veganuary.

“We would like to invite everyone who’s curious to try a plant-based diet to do so with enthusiasm and encouragement, rather than making demands of them or by pointing guilty fingers. We all know of that one curious colleague that stares into your lunchbox, that sister who’s curious but too lazy to try, or that grandma who wonders what this new plant-based food is all about. Why not adopt them. Or get adopted yourself.”


“The idea behind Adopt a Carnivore is that it’s more likely that people take on a challenge like Veganuary if they do it in collaboration with a friend”, says Henrik Åkerman, Global Brand Lead at Oumph! and Head of Marketing at LIVEKINDLY Collective Nordics.

Tomás Ostiglia, Executive Creative Director at LOLA MullenLowe, the agency behind the campaign, says: “We love to challenge vegans to adopt a carnivore, feeding them our plant-based delicious options. We are keen to develop campaigns that will make the difference while doing it in an innovative and funny way.”

Adopt a Carnivore features a range of advertising campaigns, as well as social media and high-profile celebrity collaborations, and will be running throughout Veganuary in a number of different countries where Oumph! is present, including Sweden, United Kingdom, Germany, Netherlands, South Africa, and Australia.

“January is the perfect month to try plant-based food”, says Anders ‘Ankan’ Linden, Oumph! Co-founder, Corporate Chef and Head of Innovation.

“Many people make boring New Year’s resolutions which are attached to depriving oneself of pleasure, or demanding sacrifices, which makes them difficult to keep, and I think that’s a pity. I would like to encourage a January filled with exceptionally good food, which is shared with family and friends. Plant-based food can be amazing and Veganuary is the perfect time to share it with everyone you know.”

In the UK, as part of its Adopt a Carnivore campaign,  Oumph! is collaborating on a social media campaign with Welsh endurance athlete, vegan chef and Veganuary ambassador Mathew Pritchard, AKA Dirty Vegan, who is adopting his carnivore friend, skateboarder and BBC Radio Presenter & DJ  James Threlfall MBE.


Chief Marketing Officer – The LIVEKINDLY Collective: Mick Van Ettinger
Global Brand Lead Oumph!: Henrik Åkerman
Global Brand Manager Oumph!: Linda Arnason
Nordic Brand Manager Oumph!: Elisabeth Samuelsson

LOLA Mullenlowe (Madrid):
Executive Creative Director: Tomas Ostiglia
Creative Directors: Kevin Cabuli, Jorge Zacher
Creative Team: Diego Vieira, Germán Rivera Hudders
Creative Trainees: Victoria Sintes, Jose Luis Albazán Casas
Design: Yan Graller
Managing Director: Tom Elliston
Head of Planning: Lucas Rodriguez
Sr. Planner: Dominika Węglarz
Jr. Planner: Ana Goyoaga Alvarez
Account Director: Óscar Fernández
Account Supervisor: Cristina Panea
Head of Production: Felipe Calviño
Integrated Producer: Marina Saro Sanz
Head of PR & Comms: Saskia van Liempt
Comms Manager: Enrique Caballero

Production team:
Production house: F16 Producciones
Photographer: Ale Burset
Photo digital retoucher: Diego Speroni
Executive production: Marcela Moracci
Photo assistant: Diego Gómez, Gabriel de la Morena
Digital assistant: Eduardo Navarro
Art Direction: Laura Ochoa
Stylist: Aina Nogue Prat
Make up: Marina Montero
Location: Manga por hombro
Producers: Isabel Fuertes, Mamen Corachán.
Video Edition: Juan Brittle
Talents: Bendita profesión y Wanted

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