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Campaign Spotlight: Perrier Partners with Mazarine You To You to Create the “Cool Hat” for Wizards On-the-Go

Do you know why witch hats have pointy ends? To keep your bottle of PERRIER cool and quench your thirst for the extraordinary when you’re out exploring and looking for magical creatures! Get your magic wand ready and study up on the best spells: the adventure starts now!

Starting today, thousands of players will take to the streets, armed with their smartphones, in search of magical creatures…. Ready to roam for miles in their quest, they’ll explore real-world neighborhoods and cities to uncover mysterious artifacts, learn how to cast spells, and find legendary animals and iconic characters along the way!


To quench their thirst for the extraordinary and offer them the best conditions for exploring and tracking down magical creatures, PERRIER is introducing the “PERRIER Cool Hat”: an extraordinarily refreshing wizard’s hat to keep your bottle of Perrier ice cold. 

The idea is simple: imagine a 27 cm high wizard’s hat – you open the tip and, inside, it’s isothermic – the perfect sized space to hold your PERRIER bottle… and keep it nice and refreshed in the most extraordinary way possible! Fans of wizards and magical universes will be thrilled!

They can win this iconic and ultra-limited series hat through a contest being run on PERRIER‘s social media accounts (Facebook, Twitter and Instagram) from June 24 to July 17. 

An extraordinary object already cult that is aimed at all those in search of the unexpected.

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