SINGAPORE – Isobar India, a global digital agency, launched a thought-provoking campaign, #BruisesCanBeGood, on International Women’s Day. Launched with a social experiment, it makes a compelling statement on societal insights.

According to the National Family Health Survey (NHFS-4), one in three women in India faced domestic violence from the age of 15. #BruisesCanBeGood is a strong statement that brings to light the harsh reality and prevalent mind-set of society by involving a real audience. By highlighting the prevalence of violence, the campaign aims to establish the need for self-defence education from a young age. Featuring a real martials arts fighter as a protagonist, the social experiment further underlines the brand’s overarching communications for women: #FitToFight.

Reebok has also launched a petition on urging the Indian Government for education reform, and to make self-defence classes a mandatory part of the curricula in schools and colleges.

Speaking about the campaign, Silvia Tallon, Senior Marketing Director, Reebok India, said: “Our idea behind ‘Bruises Can Be Good’ was to showcase the skewed lens with which our society views women and bruises. The ingrained perception of bruises being violence-inflicted, shadows the inner strength of the woman and allows us to undermine them. Since combat training is in our brand gene, Reebok honours these bruises as a mark of physical strength and mental toughness that can face any challenge. On International Women’s Day, we salute women who beat the odds and are “fit to fight” physically, mentally and socially.”

Commenting on the campaign, Gopa Kumar, Executive Vice President, Isobar India, said: “ Bruises Can Be Good’ is a powerful thought that focuses on how imperative it has become in today’s times to teach self-defence. For Women’s Day, we wanted to do a campaign that actually leads to a positive change and hence, the petition. The campaign is also in line with Reebok’s ‘Fit To Fight’ proposition and takes it forward beautifully.”

“A crime against a woman is committed every three minutes in India. We felt that just another story on Women’s Day is not what the nation needs. There is a desire to bring about substantial change and show the real picture; this social experiment sets out to do just that by highlighting how prevalent violence against women is. We hope that impactful moment of realisation will reach people from all walks of life; and I really urge people to sign the petition to make self-defence education mandatory for female students and show the world that #BruisesCanBeGood”, states Anish Varghese, National Creative Director, Isobar India.

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CREDITS: Isobar India

  • National Creative Director – Anish Varghese

  • Group Creative Director – Anadi Sah 

  • Associate Creative Director (Copy) – Vibhor Yadav

  • Associate Creative Director (Art) – Amit Singh

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  • Senior Creative Producer & Director – Taj Ali Naqvi

  • Senior Editor – SK Parwej Alam

  • Senior Manager, Client Servicing – Nakul Sagar

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