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Campaign Spotlight: Romance continues to warm our hearts with “Maman, la Plus Belle du Monde,” another emotional tale for grocery chain Intermarché

by Theda Braddock

The third in a wave of successful campaigns for French agency Romance and their client, Intermarché, “Maman, la Plus Belle du Monde” sets out to promote the grocery chain’s own brands. This heartwarming story follows a young boy who hands Chabrior cookies out to his friends, claiming they were baked by his mom.

It’s a formula we’ve come to expect from the partnership – charming story, softly lit, with a carefully-selected soundtrack – and it’s a formula that continues to work. Romance has been careful to craft a unique story for each film, each as captivating as the last. Add to that their unusually emotional formula, and they’ve managed to create a collection of films that hit home every time.


Intermarché’s goal was to promote the fact that they produce their own products, over 2,000, in their own factories, the only French chain to do so. While they are the 3rd largest distributor in the country, they are also the 5th largest agro-alimentary group.

To highlight this fact, the agency sought to continue the same tone used in last year’s “L’Amour L’Amour” and “J’ai Tant Rêvé”. “Our challenge was to give the brands the same emotional discourse as that of the store. Each of these brands belongs in the communication landscape we’ve been building over the last year and a half, they reinforce the perception of the proximity and quality that Intermarché offers,” explains Alexandre Hervé, Romance’s Creative Director.

The flawlessly selected music in each film consistently fits the scenario, and this spot’s is no different. The titular song, Luis Mariano’s “Maman, la plus belle du monde”, like the others, reinforces its emotion, as well as the campaign’s overall continuity. So far, the partnership’s formula is 3 for 3, and we look forward to what’s next.

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