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Campaign Spotlight: Tiger Beer and Marcel Sydney champion the potential of a new generation with ‘The Uncaged’

SYDNEY – Since 2013, world-acclaimed Asian lager, Tiger Beer, has championed emerging Asian talent. The latest campaign takes this idea global, and focuses on a specific type of young creative: those whose bold approach to their craft also serves a good cause.

Building on the brand’s rallying call to ‘Uncage’ and bravery to pursue passions, this campaign demonstrates how far the impact of creative courage can go. Featuring an eclectic group of Uncaged heroes from fields as diverse as dance, technology, fashion, art and food, Tiger Beer inspires people to look beyond familiar faces to discover those who are truly shaping the future. Proof that if you have the courage to pursue your passion, you can make a positive impact on the world.


In addition to the launch film, the stories of the Uncaged and their work will be shared through the brands social media channels and campaign website

Through local market activations, Tiger Beer will build The Uncaged community across the globe, discovering exciting up-and-comers, who will be brought together at a global event hosted by the brand in September 2018 at the Conservatorio di Musica, Venice, bringing street to the elite.

Wesley Hawes, Creative Lead at Marcel Sydney, says: “Uncage has always been a powerful brand positioning for Tiger Beer. The belief that anyboby can be a somebody, and that we all have a tiger inside. The aim of the campaign is to give The Uncaged a platform to realise their potential and take their talents, ideas or passions to the next level.


What I love most about the intent of this campaign, and where the crux of the creative idea came from, is that the Meis, Roxxxans, Huas and Joels of this world are more worthy of our attention than the Kardashians and Real Housewives of Wherever. The Uncaged are the people we should be following. The people we should be watching. Because they are the ones who are really going to change the world.”

Academy Films director Dorian Lebherz says: “What interested us about the film was that we got to play with human perception and mislead the audience. Often, you will instinctively judge someone based on their age, appearance or background. This film sought to challenge these preconceptions, and that is what really resonated with us when we read the script.”

Director Daniel Titz, says: “We were instantly drawn to the film’s central theme of ‘anybody can be a somebody’. This ethos ran through everything we did. Not only were we promoting emerging talent, we were also given the opportunity to direct our first global brand spot, so the core idea was relevant on every level.”

Featured in The Uncaged campaign video showcase is a unique group of courageous creatives including:

  • Dumpster Design ‘Trashion’ designer, Daisy Harris-Burland, up-cycles trash to create intricate and visually stunning couture clothing, giving a new and fashionable perspective on how to approach sustainable thinking – making responsible design cool.

  • Rapper RoxXxan, uses her street style music to fight gender stereotypes and break conventional boundaries on gay rights and musicians in a genre of music that has typically been challenging for both women and openly gay rappers.

  • Chef and restaurateur, Willin Low, who is preserving traditional Singaporean hawker food by using it as his inspiration to create ‘Mod-Sin’ cuisine, blending culinary heritage with modern techniques.

  • CEO of Open Bionics, Joel Gibbard, who is pioneering the development of affordable and open source bionic prosthetics, challenging the current issue of expensive robotic options after being inspired by the ability to use modern technology such as 3D printing to provide bionic limbs to people who currently have no access to prosthesis. houses the stories and details about the campaign, as well as key information about in market events and partners, as well as the soon to be revealed details of the global Uncaged Festival that will take place in September 2018.

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