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Campaign Spotlight: To announce the next Global Climate Strike on March 25, Fridays For Future U.S. launches “We Don’t Care”

LOS ANGELES, USA — For Gen Z, climate change is personal. Within the short time they’ve spent on this earth, record-breaking wildfires have become the new normal, hurricane relief funds permeate their social media feeds as often as branded content, and many of them are now entering early adulthood during the third year of a global pandemic. Considering the emotional toll of witnessing the destruction of the environment, alongside the usual woes of adolescence, it makes sense that 76 percent of this generation considers climate change among the biggest societal concerns, according to a 2021 Pew Research survey [1].

Historically, mainstream society has found it all too easy to brush off the effects of climate change as some distant possibility. Many assumed climate change was a political exaggeration or a hypothetical problem to be solved in the very distant future. Either way, climate change was far off the radar and has consistently been pushed to the back of the social agenda.

But what if Gen Z treated the future of our planet in the same way as their predecessors, as if the wellbeing of the earth is a cause unworthy of their time?


It doesn’t take much imagination to picture the outcome. Due to this exact sentiment, 2021 brought catastrophic floods to Germany and China, devastating droughts to the entire East African region, and wildfires burned down more than 7.6 million acres of land in the United States alone. Add in the increased spread of infectious diseases and COVID-19, both of which have been exacerbated by climate factors such as temperature, wind speed, and humidity2, and it’s a recipe for imminent disaster… unless we take action ASAP.

To announce the next Global Climate Strike on March 25, Fridays for Future U.S. unveils “We Don’t Care”, a new spot created by FRED & FARID Los Angeles. The film introduces a cast of casually cool pre-teens who question the legitimacy and purpose of climate change concerns directly to the camera. Juxtaposing the same rhetoric stubbornly upheld over the last three decades with these fashionable adolescents, the spot establishes urgency while its stars skateboard, sing, and mess around without a care in the world. Although the energy of the film is lighthearted, enriched with the flair of a ‘90s public service announcement, the message at its core is paramount. Familiar apathy must be turned into a serious concern, and serious concern into immediate change.

Ending with an earnest call-to-action, Fridays for Future reminds us: “if we don’t care about climate change, who will?”

Katharina Maier, Organizer with Fridays For Future U.S. (fridaysforfutureusa.org): “The good news is that scientists believe limiting warming is absolutely technically possible. With renewable energy technologies, changes in farming and transport, and shifts in our society’s norms, we can limit warming and avoid even worse outcomes. However, most of us are not shifting our way of thinking, way of living, way of consuming, way of communicating, etc… It is urgent to act to save our planet before it’s too late and together we can. If we don’t care, who will?”

This new campaign marks the 5th collaboration between FRED & FARID Los Angeles and Fridays for Future. In 2020, FRED & FARID Los Angeles illustrated Greta’s Thunberg metaphor in the spot “House on Fire”. In early 2021, on the day that NASA’s Perseverance Rover touched down on Mars, Fridays For Future U.S. and FRED & FARID Los Angeles unveiled “1%” – a satirical tourism ad for Mars, to awaken the 99% of humans who will have to stay on Earth. And in September 2021, for Fridays for Future’s Global Climate Strike, FRED & FARID launched “The Denial”, a film to illustrate our global denial about the climate crisis, in which a man was simply running into a wall.


Fridays For Future is a global climate movement that was launched in August 2018, when Greta Thunberg began a school strike for climate change. Since then, Fridays For Future has become a global initiative, uniting people in over 100 countries to protest outside local parliaments and city halls, and spread word about the seriousness of our planet’s situation – all in a shared effort to awaken the world’s people and motivate every human to take action and fix climate change, now.

Website: fridaysforfutureusa.org

1 2021 Pew Research Survey

2 COVID-19 and global temperature rise:

Source #1: As the planet heats up, animals big and small, on land and in the sea, are headed to the poles to get out of the heat. That means animals are coming into contact with other animals they normally wouldn’t, and that creates an opportunity for pathogens to get into new hosts. Many of the root causes of climate change also increase the risk of pandemics… Climate change has already made conditions more favorable to the spread of some infectious diseases, including Lyme disease, waterborne diseases such as Vibrio parahaemolyticus which causes vomiting and diarrhea, and mosquito-borne diseases such as malaria and dengue fever. To help limit the risk of infectious diseases, we should do all we can to vastly reduce greenhouse gas emissions and limit global warming to 1.5 degrees. – Dr. Aaron Bernstein, Interim Director of The Center for Climate, Health, and the Global Environment at Harvard T.H. Chan School

Scientific Study in Public Health Journal July 2021- Source #2: It was loosely defined in terms of climate change and COVID-19. However, many of the underlying causes of climate change are also linked to an increase in pandemics through climate factors such as temperature, wind speed, and humidity.


Title of ad: We Don’t Care
Client: Fridays For Future U.S.
Fridays for Future U.S. Organizer: Katharina Maier
Fridays for Future U.S. Organizer: Liv Schroeder
Agency: FRED & FARID Los Angeles
Chief Creative Officers: Fred & Farid
Creative Director: Nicolas Berthier
Art Director: Radouane Guissi
Copywriter: Ciana Alessi
Agency Supervisor: Jules Chaffiotte
Executive Producer: Amanda Van Caneghem
Director: dream inc.
Cinematographer: Amos Le Blanc
Producer: Julia Fae
Stylist: Briana Walden
Stylist assistant: Namwan Preechapatananon
AD: Julia Fae
Art Director: dream inc.
location sound: Carter Imperial
Post-production: dream inc.
Colorist: dream inc.
Editor: Thank
Sound Design & Mix: Defacto Sound

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