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Campaign Spotlight: vivo debuts new “To Beautiful Moments” campaign for UEFA EURO 2020™

SHENZHEN, CHINA As the official smartphone of UEFA EURO 2020™,  vivo wants football fans everywhere to enjoy every beautiful moment during the tournament. With a passion for providing incredible experiences to its users, the brand is channeling its sponsorship platform to help enrich the joys around the game, whether they take place on or off the phone.

In its “To Beautiful Moments” campaign debuting today, vivo encourages people to be in the moment, whether that means connecting virtually with friends, family, and fellow fans or giving their full attention to the beautiful game, even if it means putting the phone down. 


“People around the world have been eagerly awaiting this tournament. Now more than ever, we want to celebrate the spirit and sportsmanship of the game and help fans get the most out of the experience,” said Spark Ni, Senior Vice President and CMO of vivo. “We  strive not only to help people capture and share life’s magical moments but to make every  moment in life more magical.” 

The new advertising campaign will roll out beginning today, airing on television in Europe,  the Middle East, Southeast Asia, and China, and around the world on Facebook, Instagram, and YouTube. The creative show’s fans enjoying, capturing, and sharing beautiful moments  before, after and in-between matches, while sending the message, “give your phone a  break, and be there for life’s beautiful moments.”

Through its partnership with UEFA, vivo looks to connect with and expand its widening user-base of over 400 million people worldwide. “As we rapidly expand our global business,  it is incredibly important for us to connect with people through the beautiful moments in  life that they care about most,” said Spark Ni. “vivo is incredibly proud to partner with  UEFA to engage with football fans across the world as we’re a brand deeply connected to  and invested in the like-minded passions and interests of our users.” 

Shared Vision to Create Memorable Experiences with UEFA 

vivo is the first-ever presenting partner of the opening and closing ceremonies taking place on June 11 and July 11 respectively, where the brand has worked with UEFA to create a memorable experience for the millions of viewers around the world who will watch the tournament unfold. 

While spectators will return to stadiums across Europe, capacity restrictions will limit onsite fan experiences and will be varied based on the quarantine policies in respective countries. To bring more fans’ applause and cheers back into the stadium, vivo together with UEFA, will launch a #vivoSuperTime campaign where people around the world can channel their energy into the game by sharing their applause and cheers on social media for the chance to appear in the tournament’s closing ceremonies.  

UEFA Marketing Director Guy-Laurent Epstein said, “The game of football brings joy to millions of football fans across the globe, and we are excited to partner with vivo to bring dedicated fans even closer to the game. We look forward to creating more unforgettable  memories for people all over the world together.“ 

To learn more about the “To Beautiful Moments” campaign and vivo’s activations around  UEFA EURO 2020™, visit

Capture Beautiful Moments with X60 Series Professional Photography Capabilities 

Recently launched ahead of the tournament and featured in the new “To Beautiful  Moments” campaign is the vivo X60 Series. As the first vivo smartphone co-engineered with ZEISS, a global leader in optics and opto-electronics, the X60 Series integrates the  user-oriented innovation of vivo and the superior expertise in mobile imaging of ZEISS to culminate in outstanding software and hardware capabilities.  

Featuring cutting-edge design from vivo and a professional camera system co-engineered with ZEISS, the X60 Series is the ideal photography flagship smartphone for the tournament, bringing unparalleled sharpness, clarity, and image quality to help users capture enjoyable moments on and off the pitch. The X60 Pro and X60 Pro+ also come with the advanced Gimbal Stabilization 2.0. Both the X60 Pro and X60 Pro+ utilize the latest VIS 5-axis video stabilization technology while the X60 Pro+ is even equipped with an Ultra-Wide Gimbal Camera, allowing users to obtain clear shots of objects in dynamic motion with greater accuracy. 

The combined best-in-class optical lenses, sensors, image processing algorithms, and diverse multi-modal features allow users to enjoy technologies that were previously only limited to professional photographers. 

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