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Campaign Spotlight: Watch Dr. Martens inaugural pride campaign ‘Pride Generation,’ a series of short films by PRETTYBIRD Director Jess Kohl

LONDON, UK – PRETTYBIRD Director Jess Kohl has directed a series of short films for shoe brand Dr. Martens’ first Pride campaign. First up is an interview between Lady Phyll, co-founder of London Black Pride, and Lucia Blayke, founder of London Trans+ Pride.

The Dr. Martens “Pride Generation” series gives a shareable platform to some of the most active voices in the LGBTQIA+ community. Protest has always been at the heart of Dr. Martens and Pride. Originally founded as a march to commemorate the 1969 Stonewall Riots, Pride has grown into a series of worldwide events for the LGBTQIA+ community: essential in the fight for equal rights, a place to be seen and respected, and a global symbol of unity. The first short film from the Dr. Martens “Pride Generations” series features Lady Phyll, the co-founder of London Black Pride, in conversation with Lucia Blayke, the founder of London Trans+ Pride. They set up their own events as an act of protest against the mainstream Pride march. Below they discuss what drove them to go against the grain, their inspirations, and their hopes.


Jess Kohl, director, PRETTYBIRD: “For Dr. Martens’ first-ever Pride campaign, we bought together iconic individuals for cross-generational conversations about important themes within the queer community. It was a privilege to work with Lady Phyll & Lucia Blake in London, and Lee Soulja & Kia LaBeija in NYC to hear about their experiences with activism and nightlife. Visually, our approach was classically cinematic, not wanting to detract from the important issues being discussed.”

Dr. Martens is a brand that has been worn by activists, activists, and artists since the Stonewall Riots. Generations of rebels have used Dr. Martens for a variety of reasons, from its timeless aesthetics to its value range for the queer world or as an initiation rite. Even today, the brand continues to be a symbol of rebellion and defiance. Not just a pair of shoes, but part of queer culture, identity, and history.

After the first episode of the ‘Pride Generations’ series, featuring Lady Phyll and Lucia Blayke talking about their activism, personal background, and history of their organizations, a second episode will air in June featuring Kia (artist and former mother of House of LaBaija) and Lee Soulja (founder and father of House of Soulja). They will tell the story of the ballroom scene, but without forgetting those who are no longer there today.

For Dr. Martens, Pride is much more than a calendar-driven event. Gender identity and sexual orientation are to be celebrated every single day, it would be disrespectful to think otherwise. That is why the brand is committed to supporting the LGBTQIA+ community through donations to associations and charities around the world so that they can support them in their vital work of protecting and assisting the community. This year Dr. Martens is donating over GBP 200,000 to support LGBTQIA+ charities such as Akt in the UK, ReBit in Japan, Refuge LGBT in Italy, and many more.

‘Pride Generations’
A conversation between Kia (Artist, Former Mother of the Royal House of LaBeija)
& Lee Soulja (Founder of the House of Soulja, Visual Performance Artist)
Featuring Shawntel K Bonet
Directed by Jess Kohl
Production Company: PRETTYBIRD UK
Co-Founder UK / Executive Producer: Juliette Larthe
Head of Production: Fiona Bamford-Phillips
Producer: Benji Landman
Production Assistant: Enrique da Silva
Director of Photography: Alana Mejia Gonzalez
Photographer: Ben Cole
Focus Puller: Kate Molins
Clapper Loader: Jos Bitelli
Sound Recordist: Artur Strakhov
Gaffer: Rufai Ajala
Spark: Joe Williams

Stylist: Jermaine Ampomah
Stylist: Natalie Roar
Hair/Make-Up Artist: Jimmy Owen Jones

Editor: Carla Luffe
Edit House: Cabin Edit
Colorist: Ruth Wardell
Post House: Okay Studio

Runner: Sarah Dines
Runner: Ronnie Bond
Sound Design: Clearcut Sound
Sound Composition: Spent

Dr Martens Global Product Marketing Lead: Sebastien Berre
Dr Martens Global Copywriter: David Hedley
Dr Martens Global Asset Creative Lead: Cecelia Morgan
Narrative & Casting by Amelia Abraham for Platform 13
Thanks to Majingos, Konrad’s Catering, ProLighting & Emmyland

NYC Production credits:
Local NYC Production Company: SEE ME Creative
Executive Producer: Nicole Van Straatum
Executive Creative Director: Sara McDowell
Creative Producer: Kimberly Goedhart
Line Producer: Andy Petrilak
Production Coordinator: Ladin Awad

Director of Photography: Sonja Tsypin
Photographer: Rasaan Wyzard

1st AC: Jack McGovern
2nd AC/ Media Manager: Dante Capone
Gaffer: Matthew Foundoulis
Spark / Key Grip: Liam Murphy
BBE: Alex Kary
Swing: Nick Rooney
Sound Tech: Kieran Altman

Production Assistant: Gabby Harrison
Production Assistant: Dannie Giglevitch
Production Assistant: Myles Caba

Photography Assistant / Tik Tok BTS: Ryan Cardoso
Stylist: Mel Leamon
Stylist Assistant: Adriana Espinal
Hair Stylist: Nigella Miller
Makeup Artist: Hiroyasu Kumazawa
Edited by Alexander Farah
Colorist: Ruth Wardell
Post House: Okay Studio
Sound Design; Wave Studios
Sound Composition: Spent
Global Product Marketing Lead: Sebastien Berre
Global Copywriter: David Hedley
Global Asset Creative Lead: Cecelia Morgan
Narrative & Casting by Amelia Abraham for Platform 13
Thanks to Anopoli Diner
Brought to you by Dr. Martens.

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