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Degree empowers movers with nonstop protection and Crash Ads innovation

LONDON, UK — Degree, also known as Sure in the UK and Rexona in the rest of the world, believes that movement has the power to transform lives, and as the world’s number one deodorant and antiperspirant brand, wants to empower everyone with the confidence to move however they want.

Research shows 90% of the population have experienced self-doubt when approaching a new challenge but Degree knows it takes confidence to push limits and try something new. With that, Degree is turning its ads into protective equipment that helps keep people protected and equips movers with the confidence to smash their limits and show they are Not Done Yet.

As a brand that offers non-stop protection from odor and sweat, Degree is pushing its nonstop protection to new limits. The brand teamed up with influential movers around the world, including wheelchair motocross champion, Aaron “Wheelz” Fotheringham, paralympic athlete Blake Leeper, and former ASU wrestler Marlee Smith to help them push their boundaries and demonstrate the amazing feats that are possible when you feel protected.


The campaign features the brand’s non-stop protection message designed by world-famous typographer Chris Labrooy on bespoke airbags, crash mats, helmets, and gumshields. The content shows people using these “Crash Ads” to conduct impressive physical feats, enabling the brand to reach the highly engaged audiences of popular influencers in a unique way.

As part of the strategy developed with creative agency AMV BBDO, a social campaign is launching in the US and in the UK featuring content from six of the brand’s Movement Champions in the following months.

Aaron is the “godfather” of wheelchair motocross, known for attempting extreme stunts such as double back flips, mid-air 180-degree turns, and front flips. Wheelz used Sure’s non-stop protective crash ads in the form of airbags and crash mats to prepare for his next record-breaking stunt attempt, showing the world the benefits of NONSTOP protection. Protection that allowed him to push through his limits and shows that he was Not Done Yet. Degree captured the record-breaking attempt in a documentary-style long-form video and a series of shorter cut-downs for use across social platforms.

Kath Swallow, Global Brand Vice President for Degree said, “At Degree, limit smashing protection is in our DNA. We empower people all over the world, every day to smash their limits, knowing they’re protected from odor and sweat with our antiperspirants and deodorants. Now, we want to show just how far you can push yourself when you have non-stop protection to support you. We’re ready to set new standards with our media spaces as well as our sweat protection and use our scale to break down the barriers that stand in the way of people moving however they want.”

Aaron said, “I’m always looking for the next big challenge or record-breaking stunt to land like my current dream of landing a triple backflip. I believe that anything is possible, no matter who you are, which is why working with Degree has been an incredible experience since they, like myself, are all about breaking limits and pushing past barriers.”

AMV BBDO Creative Directors Jack Smedley and George Hackforth-Jones said, “We always talk about contextual alignment, right message, right moment, and right time. This campaign does just that. There’s no moment better to prove the power of NONSTOP protection than in a moment where reliable protection really counts.”

Whether it’s Aaron’s attempt to land his first double backflip, or Blake mastering his latest jump shot, Degree’s superior non-stop protection reveals just what everyone can achieve when equipped with the confidence to push limits.

Learn more about the Degree “Crash Ads” campaign and how the brand is pushing nonstop protection to new limits here.


Client: Unilever

Brand: Degree / Rexona / Sure / Shield

Campaign title: Sure Crash Ads

Brand team: Kathryn Swallow, Lucy Howdle, Natalie Lintern, Rachel Rose

Creative Agency: AMV BBDO

CCO: Nicholas Hulley and Nadja Lossgott

Creative Directors: Jack Smedley and George Hackforth-Jones

Creative Team: Alex Duckworth, Dalatando Almeida, Michael Hughes, Kalle Everland, Jake Viner

Account Team: Matt Stimson, Anshula Bichu, Ottilie Shpazia, Anneliese St-Amour, Maciej Stryjek

Producers: Cathy Olmedillas, Rebecca Scharf, Paul Goodwin

Design: Simon Dilks

Planning: Emily Brydon

Production Partner: Fresh Films

PR agency: Edelman US

Typographer: Chris Labrooy

Partner with adobo Magazine

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