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Dynamic Duo TwoShots launches compelling Coca-Cola campaign tailored for Gen Z in key egions

MILAN, ITALY — In partnership with Coca-Cola, dynamic directing duo TwoShots has proudly unveiled their latest campaign — a compelling series of nine video adverts tailored for the Middle East, Pakistan, Kazakhstan, Uzbekistan, and Turkish markets. Whole six of the videos have already been released, the final three are set to premiere at the end of Ramadan.

TwoShots, comprising Greg Ferro and Mattia Lunardi, brings a fresh and dynamic perspective to the campaign, seamlessly blending lifestyle and food elements into a visually stunning narrative.

The campaign aims to capture the very essence of Gen Z, a generation that champions authenticity and immersive experiences in every facet of life. From relishing traditional recipes to indulging in a refreshing Coca-Cola, the campaign shares the Gen Z philosophy of living life to the fullest.


A combination of modern cinematography and documentary-style shots defines the campaign’s visual language, creating an atmosphere that is both authentic and imperfect. The significant connection between tabletop and live-action elements is a standout feature, with the product seamlessly integrated into cohesive narratives, providing audiences with a heightened and more natural storytelling experience. Elevating the immersive journey, the campaign skillfully incorporates sound effects and ASMR sounds, inviting the audience to engage in the unfolding narrative actively.

A distinctive hallmark of the campaign is its commitment to preserving a unique character for each film in the series. Drawing inspiration from the distinctive recipes of the targeted countries, this meticulous approach ensures a diverse yet cohesive representation of Coke moments. Celebrating the rich cultural tapestry of each market, the campaign delivers a thoughtful and compelling visual journey.

Director/DP: TwoShots (EyeCandy+Mattia Lunardi)
Client: Coca-Cola
Agency: Hogarth – Soho
PH: Film Pudding
Executive Producer: Layal Moukahal
Editor: Margherita Chiatti
Colorist: Danilo Vittori

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