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#KIDLAT2019: What The Shortlist Reveals! Take a Look at Top Entries & Agencies That Made The Cut

MANILA –The #KIDLAT2019 shortlist has been announced with a total of144 entries making it to the cut. We look at the reigning campaigns and the agencies who dominated the shortlist, with the winners announced tomorrow, 26 April at the 4As CreativeFest 2019.

McCann’s Worldgroup Manila’s powerhouse campaign Lives for Fully Booked dominates the Kidlat Awards 2019 Shortlist with ‘Lives 2.0 – DARLING,’ ‘Lives 2.0 – ED,’ ‘Lives 2.0 – MOE,’ ‘Lives 2.0’ all making it into the Audio Category. Meanwhile, ‘Lives 2.0 – ED,’and ‘Lives 2.0 – MOE,’ are finalists for Best Copywriting for Audio, and Best Direction for Audio.  Also shortlisted for Best Copywriting is ‘Lives 2.0’. Under the craft category are ‘LIVES – PERCY’ and ‘LIVES – MOE’ for Best Music/Sound Design. ‘Lives 2.0 – ED,’ is shortlisted for Best Voice Performance.

‘This is a Tree’ by TBWA\Santiago Mangada Puno for Boysen takes the second spot domineering seven subcategories: Creative Use of Media, Creativity in Experiential & Immersive: brand installations, Outdoor/Ambient, Public Relations, Corporate Social Responsibility, Design/Outdoor/Print: Best Art Direction and Best Illustration for Design/Outdoor/Print.

Their campaign ‘Disgusting Stories’ for Bahay Tuluyan also runs strong under six subcategories including Film; Public Relations; Non-Profit, Charity and Government; Public Services & Cause Appeals; Film: Best Art Direction and Creativity in Social Media: social post Single: a single branded post on a social.

‘SPAM® Recipeoke’ by BBDO Guerrero sits in six subcategories including Best Copywriting for film, Best Copywriting for Audio, Best Music/Sound Design, Audio, Direct, and Best Voice Performance for Audio.

BBDO Guerrero continues their streak with ‘Playstreet’ for Johnson & Johnson in six subcategories: Digital Solutions, Direct, Creative Use of Data: Visualization, Creative Use of Media, and Design/Outdoor/Print: Best Character Design.
‘Family’ by Petch for Max’s Restaurant strings the Best Audio Craft, Best Cinematography, Best Direction, Best Editing, Best Production Design, and Best Visual Effects and Digital Imaging for Film.
TBWA\Santiago Mangada Puno took the top agency with greatest number of finalist entries within all main categories at 22 entries shortlisted, followed by BDDO Guerrero with 17 finalist entries over all main categories, and McCann World Group Philippines with 15 entires in Craft, Creative Purpose, Creative Effectiveness, Creative Storytelling categories. 
In the Craft Category both McCann Worldgroup Philippines and Petch & Partners landed 11 entries on the short list. TBWA dominated both Creative Storytelling and Creative Purpose Categories with 10 and 5 entries shortlisted respectively. 
Leo Burnett held the largest presence within the Creative Technology and Media Category with 5 entries covering the most subcategories of all agencies.
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