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Manulife Philippines kicks off partnership with Dentsu One Manila with new ambassador and online shop

MANILA, PHILIPPINES — The partnership between life insurance company Manulife Philippines and new agency Dentsu One Manila has started strong with the announcement of Filipina-Australian actress and host Anne Curtis as its newest ambassador, and the launch of an all-new online shop for consumers. 

The first material launched on July 26 featured Anne Curtis’ debut as Manulife’s newest brand ambassador, encouraging Filipinos to prepare for their future by being goal makers. This ad tackles the ever-present challenge for insurance companies, better and more proactive insurance, and financial planning toward bigger life goals. Through the commercial, Anne shows all the different ways she can “Get to-do’s done today” while making every day better and living her best life, thanks to Manulife.

Through Dentsu One’s collaboration with director Lyle Sacris and his sharp sensibilities for creative and humorous storytelling, the material was elevated to new heights, making it witty, fun, and engaging. Now, that’s definitely an #AchievementAnnelocked for the budding partnership between Manulife and Dentsu One Manila.


Its follow-up material, released on November 16, launched Manulife’s new ecommerce platform called Manulife Shop, which offers affordable 365 Ready life and accident insurance products that Filipinos can access conveniently online, empowering customers to choose their coverage depending on their budget. Manulife Shop aims to encourage Filipino millennials and Gen Zs to take charge of their financial priorities because Manulife will adjust to address them.

In the material, the protagonist uses familiar excuses such as “Ang ‘layo naman!” (“it’s too far!”), “Wala akong kilalang financial advisor” (“I don’t know any financial advisors”), and “Ang mahal!” (“it’s too expensive!”) serving reasons not to get insurance.

However, with each excuse comes an answer directly from Manulife, showing how the company will go above and beyond to make insurance purchase a simple and hassle-free process.

“In less than a year after Manulife was awarded to Dentsu following the global alignment, we’ve already produced two materials and we’re very happy with the outcome; but even more delighted with our working relationship with our Manulife clients,” said Dentsu One Manila Creative Director Nonie Tobias-Azores. “They’re very open to new ideas, really brave and collaborative.”

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