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If someone owns an Oppo Reno 10, you wouldn’t want to give it back, says Hamlet

LONDON, UK — Consumer electronics giant OPPO has launched the Monroe series of its Reno 10 model of mobile phone with a new global campaign created and produced by international production studio HAMLET.

Directed by Tucker Bliss through HAMLET, Can I have my phone back? is a feel-good two-minute TV spot highlighting the photographic capabilities of the new Reno Monroe model. 

Recognizing the significance of capturing meaningful moments and the art of taking a great photo for their tech-savvy consumers, OPPO developed the state-of-the-art pro-portrait lens for the Reno model. The advanced lens adds a touch of “WOW Factor” to the photos and ensures an exceptional image quality that catches people’s attention, and, as a result, everyone wants to be part of the shot.


It has become customary to ask strangers to take a picture of us and our friends with our own phones. They tend to check if they’ve managed to get a good snap before handing back the phone. However, in Can I have my phone back?, strangers love the quality of the OPPO Reno 10 so much, they want a picture of themselves too.  

This leads to an unexpected outcome as the phone is passed from person to person and sent on a photographic odyssey, anxiously pursued by its owner, concerned she may not get her phone back. When she finally gets her phone back, her concern disappears, and she revels in the beautiful photos that capture its journey.

Tucker said, “We were given a detailed overview of the new phone and a brief to highlight the phone’s pro-portrait features. Other than that, we had a blank canvas, complete creative freedom. We had a selection of ideas after our creative process, but Can I have my phone back? felt like the strongest idea and aligned with the brand.  It’s playful, cheeky, has a bit of a story, it’s natural, yet a bit fantastical.”

In addition to TV, the campaign will also run online on social channels and PoS in India, South Asia, Asia Pacific, the Middle East, Africa, Europe, and Japan.


Client: OPPO

Product: Oppo Reno 10 – Monroe series 

Title: Can I have my phone back?                  

Agency: Guangdong OPPO Mobile Telecommunications Corp. Ltd.            

Executive Creative Director: Mats Hakansson

Creative director: James Li


Design Lead: Yuyeon Cho-De Jong

Senior Creative Project Manager: Pei Binzhi

Senior Creative Project Manager: Yao Yawen

Senior Marketing Planning Manager: Luo Siqi

Senior Marketing Project Manager: Cai Xinyi

Production Company: HAMLET

Director: Tucker Bliss

Executive Producers: Ruben Goots, Jason Felstead, Mathias Kerner

Producer: Pim Verhaert

Post-Producer: Dominique Ruys

Director of Photography: David Foulkes (WPA)

Art director: Silke De Rycke 

Stylist: Lisa Lapauw

Make-up artist: Mathilde Van Hoof

Casting agency: Dominique Models 

Editor: Dylan Edwards (Cabin Edit)

Music: Sonhouse, Brussels    

Sound Design: Sonhouse

Sound Post-Production Cy: Sonhouse                                  

Color Grader: Marina Starke (MAP)

VFX Company: Strobe

VFX Supervisor: Franklin Toussaint

Image Post-Production Cy: Moxy

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