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Super Bowl LIV: Coke’s Super Bowl Ad, Reveals a Caffeinated Boost to Your Classic Beverage

MIAMI, FLORIDA – Coke unveils its newest product ‘Coke Energy’ during the big game, in a 60-second commercial, as they face Monster and Red Bull, head on. The campaign created by Wieden & Kennedy Portland, features Jonah Hill, and Martin Scorsese, where the latter is at a costume party, waiting for Hill, who is at home, and has forgotten all about the party.

As Hill stares at the three dots signaling that Hill is responding, the whole world anxiously waits with him, including rapper YBN Cordae, who we find in a playful state, as a bodiless head. It wasn’t until Hill drinks a Coke Energy, that he got the courage to reply and go party with Scorsese.


Coke advertises their newest product, as “Energy you want, taste you love”, with roughly three times the caffeine in a regular coke, and also containing Guarana and Vitamin B. It comes with three variants, zero sugar, cherry, and zero sugar cherry, a caffeinated boost to the classic beverage perhaps perfect for game day.

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