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Heritage brand Yeo’s celebrates 120 years with ‘Refresh What Matters’ campaign, highlighting timeless Asian flavors

SINGAPORE — Singapore’s iconic heritage brand, Yeo Hiap Seng, (Yeo’s) has launched an integrated brand campaign, with a new brand platform “Refresh What Matters” that features new vibrant packaging, new product films, and an exciting exploration of new brews and partnerships, all culminating in a compelling brand activation.

The Yeo’s Drinkable Garden installation, in collaboration with Gardens By the Bay, is commemorating the brand’s legacy as a champion of Asian flavors, with experiential brand activation, centered around Yeo’s signature and most distinguishable drink: Yeo’s Chrysanthemum Tea. 

The Drinkable Garden will take visitors on a multi-sensorial journey through an enchanted contemporary garden, bursting with thousands of chrysanthemums and lush foliage, and centered by a majestic five-meter by three-meter flower-infused tower, making up a spectacular botanical homage to the humble chrysanthemum – a flower that has graced Yeo’s drinks for over 120 years. 


The month-long exhibit is a feast for the senses, across ornate floral panels in hues of yellow, white, and pink, inspired by three different Yeo’s chrysanthemum brews: Yeo’s iconic signature Chrysanthemum Tea, the newly launched “heavenly” rare Snow Chrysanthemum Tea and a “test-kitchen” Rose-Infused Chrysanthemum brew that tell the story of the exceptional quality and craft behind each Yeo’s drink. 

Visitors will have the opportunity to gain insights into the unique benefits across a variety of chrysanthemums and get a glimpse into the intricate craftsmanship that goes into making Yeo’s chrysanthemum tea – from the cultivation and careful harvesting of fresh flower petals to masterful brewing techniques, and finally, the step-by-step process of cooling and packaging – all unique to Yeo’s line of drinks, setting it apart from any other soft drinks brand in Asia. 

Also on site will be the special edition of Yeo’s signature chrysanthemum tea, which commemorates the centenary of Singapore’s founding Prime Minister, the late Mr. Lee Kuan Yew, and celebrates his legacy as Singapore’s “chief gardener” and his visionary role in transforming Singapore into a green city. The commemorative Yeo’s packs are not for sale and will be distributed in educational settings around Singapore. 

“Yeo’s continues to promise its heritage of producing intricately crafted drinks using only quality ingredients. Our Yeo’s Drinkable Garden is a reflection of the core values of our signature drink – real chrysanthemum flowers filled with aroma and flavor, brewed in its purest form with no compromise on taste – a true celebration of the best of our heritage combined with creativity and innovation,” said Ong Yuh Hwang, CEO of Yeo Hiap Seng.

Looking ahead, The Yeo’s Drinkable Garden and the launch of a new chrysanthemum flavor marks the brand’s foray into the diversification of its primary product ingredients to cultivate a more sustainable production practice for the business. 

By including and exploring new variants of chrysanthemum flowers in its line of drinks, Yeo recognizes that promoting diversity within its largest product ingredient will significantly impact its reliance on a singular crop and contribute to a healthy supply of chrysanthemum flowers for the future. 

Design consultants on Yeo’s Drinkable Garden are an award-winning botanical studio, This Humid House, renowned for their bold contemporary creations that reflect the climate, geography, and collective culture of our surroundings. 

Global creative agency Forsman & Bodenfors is the lead creative agency across Yeo’s integrated brand campaign. 

“When you think of Chrysanthemum tea, you think of Yeo’s. It’s a flavor from a brand almost all of us in the region have tasted and loved from a young age. 

We partnered with Yeo’s to ‘Refresh What Matters’ in every sense, bringing audiences on an immersive and inspiring journey to experience the brand in the most refreshing way,” said Gary Lim, Group Creative Director of Forsman & Bodenfors Singapore.

Yeo’s Drinkable Garden is open to visitors over the next four weeks – from September 16 to October 13 at the Flower Dome, Gardens By The Bay. 

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