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Brand & Business: Outbrain Announces New Strategic Global Partnership with Opera to Bring Native Advertising to Browsers

SINGAPORE– Native advertising platform Outbrain announced a new partnership with multi-platform web browser Opera. Through the partnership, marketers will now have access to inventory across Opera’s ad network, served programmatically through Outbrain’s advertising platform, Amplify.

Buyers are now equipped with direct access to Opera Ad Exchange, a global mobile and in-app-focused programmatic advertising marketplace reaching 285 million users worldwide including 31 million in Indonesia and 7.5 million in the Philippines.


Opera’s owned and operated inventory including Opera News, Opera Mini, and Opera Browser, will now be available to Outbrain marketers on a global scale. In addition, they’ll be able to connect to audiences from Opera’s extensive range of partners across leading mobile phone brands, including Novo, Xiaomi, Oppo Mobile, and vivo thanks to pre-installed Opera Browser and News Apps on these devices.

“We’re thrilled to announce our partnership with Opera,” said Victor Charpin, Head of Platform at Outbrain. “This is a great opportunity to provide our advertisers with quality inventory on one of the largest app publishers in the world. Traditionally, web browsers are not known to run native ads within it’s networks. We’re flipping the script — and making it possible for marketers to connect to their target audiences within premium, engaging environments, and truly native formats.”

“Outbrain has proven to be a leader in the native advertising space. At Opera, our browsers have helped 285 million people access the internet to read, create, laugh, and play. By joining forces, our partnership with Outbrain allows us to connect with consumers on a wider scale,” said De Barros Marcio, Head of French Speaking Africa and Programmatic at Opera Software.

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