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Digital: Draper Startup House Manila launches Artist Collective ‘Meta Manila’ for emerging Web3 artists

MANILA, PHILIPPINES — Draper Startup House Manila, a hotel located in Poblacion Makati that is part of a global network of entrepreneurs present in over 30+ locations worldwide backed by Silicon Valley venture capitalist Tim Draper, has launched its first Artist Collective program to support artists venturing into the Web3 space. Together with artist communities Likha NFT, Titik Poetry, Crypto Art Philippines, and FilipinasNFT, Draper Startup House Manila will be hosting a residency and incubation program for its first lineup of artists: Jopet Arias, Anton Cabrera, Jarrett Pinto, Jakestudyos, Karren Barcita, Francis Lim, and Steve Manzano.

With the rapid growth of Web3 in the Philippines, a rise in new forms of art is taking over the scene. This emerging medium of creativity has brought about promising talent that sees new possibilities for art at the forefront of technology. To bring these pioneering artists together with those who believe in spreading the future of the arts, Draper Startup House Manila has launched Artist Collective’s META MANILA, a collaboration with artists to reimagine the future of Manila with Web3.

The program will spread creations that artist’s works in new decentralized, open access methods which enable cultural arts to thrive both online and offline. Powered by entrepreneurial startup ecosystem leader Draper Startup House, the program will provide opportunities that foster community collaboration, access to mentorship from industry leaders, Draper Startup House’s global network, and Manila physical space for artists to exhibit and sell.


The first phase of the Artist Collective is a residency at Draper Startup House Manila where artists will stay onsite and create physical artworks which will be permanently displayed in the space and its rooms to boost community connection and local culture in Draper Startup House Manila’s hotel. In-residency produced works will be the artists’ permanent exhibit at the space to bring exposure to their art and establish their contribution to building the physical Web3 hub of Manila.

The second phase of the program is the launch of Draper Startup House Manila’s first Artist Collective NFT collection. Physical art authentication will be accomplished on NFT platforms such as Likha NFT to help artists perpetually earn royalties – a game changer for painters, sculptors, mixed media, and other physical artists, long enjoyed by musicians and writers. The NFT collection will be promoted to patrons and supporters of the Meta Manila movement.

The third and final phase of the program is comprised of instituting an Artist Incubation program where artists will receive support and mentorship from Web3 builders and leaders, as well as upskilling and learning opportunities leading to wider audiences and monetization possibilities that did not exist before NFT technology emerged.

Cristian Munoz, CEO of Draper Startup House Manila said, “This is only Draper Startup House Manila’s first step in building the Web3 hub of Manila.”

As of date, Draper Startup House Manila has launched the first cafe in the Philippines with an NFT, Kape 1475, powered by Likha NFT. Christian added, “It also aims to promote entrepreneurial tourism both offline and online in the metaverse by tokenizing our hotel and building a venture studio that will enable Web 3 startups, as part of Draper Startup House’s global mission of enabling one million entrepreneurs.”

Draper Startup House Manila will also be launching a membership program on blockchain and a related academy program. 

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