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Digital: Finnish brand Arcelevn presents a fashion show that never actually happened

HELSINKI, FINLAND – In filmmaking, CGI locations, characters and clothing are becoming more and more common.

Arcelevn’s lead designer Eetu Räisänen believes that the same will happen in the fashion industry. To promote their Fall/Winter 2021 collection, the brand created a fashion show without any real life models or clothing.


“We’ve used 3D modeling and CGI as a part of our design process for a few years now. During this pandemic, it felt natural to use these tools at a larger scale and create the whole fashion show experience virtually”, Räisänen says.

CGI is both cost efficient and environmentally friendly. Räisänen also sees it as a new tool for tailors and designers.

“Tailoring is considered a very traditional process, but CGI offers a whole new world of possibilities for fashion designers. I’m a traditionally trained tailor, but I believe that we’re going to see generations of fashion designers who’ll never touch a pair of scissors”, Räisänen continues.

The CGI was created by Arcelevn’s Ville Leppänen. The catwalk area, models and clothing were created in just three weeks, which shows how agile brands can be with computer generated content and designs.

“Creating CGI clothing follows the same principles as creating physical clothing. The original blueprints are used to create a completely authentic, digital replica of the design. CGI clothing isn’t just pixels on the screen”, Leppänen says.

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