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Digital: Recruitment solutions firm Recruitday leverages on Microsoft technologies to supercharge the success of employee referral programs

MANILA, PHILIPPINES — Philippine-based recruitment platform Recruitday is proud to announce the launch of three new referral tools available through Microsoft. These tools are meant to improve employee referrals, a sourcing channel where employees themselves refer people they deem fit for an opening from their employer.

Ever since its founding in 2017, Recruitday has long been a powerful tool for businesses looking to streamline their recruitment process. In a job market inundated with jobseekers because of the COVID-19 pandemic’s effect on business, Recruitday’s services prove more crucial than ever.

Hammerjack: the real-world use case

The usefulness of referrals is why companies such as IT and BPO services provider Hammerjack are already feeling the benefits of Recruitday’s new tools. “We chose to streamline our referral process in the best way possible,” said Theodore Villamor, Hammerjack Country Manager. “Ever since utilizing tools Recruitday has made available through Microsoft Teams, we’ve seen an uptick in engagement and have had an easier time recruiting talent.”

As a sourcing channel, referrals are also a method that has been proven to result in happier employees, a faster hiring process, and savings in recruitment costs. More than anything else, referrals give employers the best return on investment in the long run. 

The first of these tools is an initiative meant to bring the referral program closer to employees via Microsoft Teams. This is then followed by a fully customizable recruitment app built on Power Apps meant to manage jobs, referrals, and even rewards. Finally, a third tool from Power BI helps analyze data and measure the success of the referral program through interactive dashboards and reports.

An uptick in referrals

According to Recruitday CEO Joel Garcia, the three recently launched tools are meant to address the gap between employees and referral programs. “Though referral programs can bridge the gap between employees and new opportunities, only 15% participate in them,” Garcia explained. “Most of the time, it’s because of a lack of awareness or complex processes turning them off of the concept.”

With Recruitday’s new tools, the benefits can be felt almost immediately. For example, its Microsoft Teams program sees to it that employees are quickly notified every time new job positions open. With just a few clicks, they can then also submit referral links via the Microsoft Teams app or share their unique links to their own networks. When there’s a change in their referral status, employees are notified as well. All of these conditions take the guesswork out of referrals, giving transparency to both employees and recruiters.

The successful use cases provided by companies like Hammerjack proves that tools to smoothen employee referrals will always be a worthwhile investment. In a time where the job market is at its trickiest to navigate, the presence of Recruitday’s solutions give businesses a way to bounce back better from the pandemic. 

In the future, Recruitday even hopes to add to the innovations they’ve built using the Microsoft technology stack. “With recruitment turned upside-down these days, we’ve spotted a need in the market for solutions that are fast, flexible, and comprehensive,” said Garcia. “Referrals are just the tip of the iceberg for how we can revolutionize recruitment and I’m proud to say Recruitday has plenty up our sleeves.”

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