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Gaming: Isobar Italy brings the agency universe to Roblox

MILAN, ITALY — With the launch of Pitch Blitz, Isobar Italy (dentsu) fuses the creative agency world and the Roblox universe- a platform where you can create your own virtual worlds and socialize with other users.

When players enter the Isobar world on smartphones or computers, they have ten minutes to boost an upcoming pitch by collecting as many gems as they can in all four project areas and secret worlds.


From ideating to executing, project managers to art directors, all the agency facets are translated into wowing form. Brainstorming is represented by a labyrinth called the Inspologic Dimension, where one can get lost in thought or discover the hidden Brilliant Glowb, while talent can fly high towards the hard-to-find Big Idea Balcony located in the OMGenius Clouds. The ADgenda Fortress safeguards the BUDG€T DUNG€ON from major disruptors, while Patienceville is a limbo land where creatives wait for feedback. When time is up, the number of gems collected determines if the player reaches Creative Master status or remains a Creative To Be.

Massimiliano Chiesa, CEO of Isobar Italy

“The metaverse is the word that will be on everyone’s lips, a phenomenon that has literally exploded, and that is here to stay,” comments Massimiliano Chiesa, CEO of Isobar Italy. “Citing Isobar Global’s CX Survey 2021, today’s virtual events exceed real events in terms of numbers, relevance, and the ability to create something that did not exist before. And, if this is the world that the pandemic is leaving us as a legacy, 86% of CMOs agree that most consumer interactions with brands take place online. By landing on Roblox, we want to offer a concrete example of how it is possible to enter territories not yet explored, break the mold, and challenge preconceptions. There are those who work to satisfy the emerging tastes of customers and those who create advertising that intercepts already sedimented tastes, at Isobar we want to anticipate them by creating new experiences for people on the platforms they frequent and, above all, on those they will attend.”

“It might all seem virtual, but this is Isobar: an experience-first agency that takes brands to discover unexplored digital horizons every day. Creating a gamified version of itself on a platform with more than 40 million active users around the world is not just an original way to make yourself known, but a real challenge for emerging clients and talents: it’s time to bring storytelling to a new dimension,” adds Benedetta Manuka, Creative Director of Isobar Italy.

“The ability to be a systematically innovative agency is a path and a challenge that has always distinguished the Isobar team on a global level,” concludes Diego Vurro, Chief Experience Officer of Isobar Italy. “Our group’s focus on these worlds is very strong, as evidenced by the recent launch of dentsu gaming. These types of projects can become a brand’s gateway to the metaverse and a tool to understand how, for certain targets, these experiences are perceived on a par with real ones.”

To play Pitch Blitz:

1. Download the Roblox App from the Apple App Store, Google Play, Amazon Appstore, Xbox One, or Microsoft
2. Sign up, create your username, and – optional, but fun – customize your avatar
3. Search for “Pitch Blitz” in the “Discover” section
4. Read the description
5. Press Play
6. Adventure away!

Chief Experience Officer: Diego Vurro
Creative Director: Benedetta Manuka
3D Artist: Alessio Amato
Creative Coder: Giulia Belloni
Designer: Marco Quarta
Motion Designer: Ivan Litvinenko
Motion Designer: Lorenzo Daponte
Art Director: Adele Manuti
Copywriter: Sara Ciceri
Copywriter: Caroline DeSantis

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