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Power of X at IMMAP DigiCon as association celebrates 10 years

MANILA – To celebrate its 10th anniversary, the Internet and Mobile Marketing Association of the Philippines is mounting its first IMMAP Digital Congress. The event, dubbed The Power of X: Digital Multiplied takes place on October 10 to 12 at the Philippine International Convention Center (PICC).

The trade association holds an annual IMMAP Summit, but for this landmark year in the industry, IMMAP has invited its mobile and digital commerce counterparts to merge their events to create the IMMAP DigiCon. Three big digital events rolled into one Power of X, totally multiplying digital.

Digital is rapidly evolving, and its presence is part and parcel of everyday business—indeed in every aspect of daily life. The IMMAP DigiCon: Power of X, Digital Multipliedis riding the digital wave with ten tracks, all meant to pump everything digital into the veins of mainstream. In the process, the IMMAP DigiCon aspires to encourage more people to join the new economy by developing digital skills.


The ten tracks of the digital economy are all designed to address the current requirements and points of interest of the digital profession. These ten tracks are: 1. Branding and Marketing; 2. Social and Search; 3. Content and Distribution; 4. Creatives; 5. CRM, Data and Analytics; 6. Start-ups; 7. Marketing Technology; 8. eCommerce and Payment; 9. Media and Ad Networks; and lastly, 10. Research and Measurement.

If you think ten tracks is a marvel, multiply that with ten speakers per track, and that’s packing in at least 100 speakers spanning the 3-day event. The IMMAP DigiCon Speakers Committee successfully gathered more the 100 local, regional and global speakers from brands, agencies, media networks, and publishers—with more than 90% international as early as July.

The IMMAP DigiCon: Power of X, Digital Multiplied is expected to attract 2,000 delegates from across industries. Extending the IMMAP DigiCon their full support are the country’s top brands, and global tech companies.

To register, click on For more information on the IMMAP DigiCon, visit

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