Brand & Business: Gushcloud partners with Lazada for “Reel K-Hauls” with Jessica Lee

MANILA, PHILIPPINES — Gushcloud recently partnered with Lazada Philippines and launched a LazLive show entitled “Reel K-Hauls with Jessica Lee” last October 1, 2021.

This is set to run for 12 weeks, every Friday, from 5:30 to 6:30 PM on LazLive. The show is hosted by Gushcloud’s very own talent, Jessica Lee. The former idol turned full-time content creator has over 600K subscribers on YouTube and 73K followers on IG. Having been born in Korea and raised in the Philippines, no doubt, our “Korean Ate” Jessica Lee can connect and capture the hearts of the LazLive audience while bringing a taste of Seoul into the mix.

“As we are now embracing the new platform of selling, which promotes live streaming here in the Philippines, we are helping to connect with the needs of the people who are working and staying at home and the brands. With more than 14,000 views and it being the pilot episode of Gushcloud’s Live commerce Project, it is safe to say that this weekly LazLive, featuring our very own Jessica Lee, will be a hit to the Filipinos,” says Shynne Santos, Regional Operations Head, Live Commerce.


Andrew Lim, Country Director of Gushcloud Korea said, “Since 2016, we have been bridging Korean talent and brands into Southeast Asia. We are truly excited to be pushing the cross-border envelope from Korea to the Philippines by partnering with the Lazada Philippines team. We hold strong conviction in live commerce as a cross-border sales and marketing tool, and will continue to invest in this emerging business.”

Reel K-Hauls, with Jessica Lee’s product line-up, rides on the Hallyu wave that has long captured the [finger] hearts of the Filipinos — showcasing popular Korean brand products and flaunting the beauty of Seoul. With weekly themes highlighting Korean beauty and Korean cuisine, this LazLive series will definitely be a gateway for Filipinos to shop and see Seoul from the comforts of their homes.

“Over the years, we have seen how Filipinos have ridden the Hallyu wave making this a very strategic partnership with Lazada. Leveraging on our globality as a firm, we are now able to bring viewers from the Philippines to Seoul virtually through Reel K-Hauls with Jessica Lee. Alongside this strategic approach is Gushcloud’s promise to enrich our talents’ versatility in the digital space,” said Jamie Paraso, Country Director of Gushcloud Philippines.

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