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2014 Effie Index ranks Lowe Lintas Mumbai most effective agency in Asia Pacific

MUMBAI – The 2014 Effie Effectiveness Index, which is into its fourth year, has declared Lowe Lintas Mumbai as the most Effective Agency in Asia Pacific for 2014 and the 2nd most in the world after Sancho BBDO from Bogota, Colombia.

According to the Effie Index tally, Lowe Lintas Mumbai received a total of 154 points second only to Sancho BBDO of Colombia that scored 252 points. 

The recognition follows a series of accolades on Lowe Lintas + Partners over the past year beginning with the win of the “Agency of the Year” title at Effies 2013, in India. This was followed by Lowe Lintas + Partners being awarded the Effectiveness Creative “Agency of the Year” across Asia Pacific at Tambuli Awards, Manila in June 2014.
Joseph George, CEO of Lowe Lintas + Partners said, “This news has just made our performance at Cannes even more joyous! We have had a great run on Effectiveness awards the past 1 year. And each of these awards serves as a ratification on the type of work our clients and we believe in. Also, having 2 Lowe agencies featuring in the Top 10 is delightfully audacious.”
S. Subramanyeswar, National Planning Director, Lowe Lintas said, “It is a continuum and we are happy about not just where we stand today but in the direction we are moving decisively. Importantly, effectiveness is not a solo sport. At Lowe Lintas, the collaboration between multiple disciplines – Planning, Creative and Account Management allowed us to capture each other’s fund of collective intelligence at every stage in the path to this success. It’s a culture. And strong cultures always produce sound ideas and generate the force to make those ideas effective.”
The 2014 Effie Effectiveness Index is derived from almost 3,000 finalists and winning entries to Effie Award competitions worldwide between June 14, 2013 and June 13, 2014. The Index is constructed by converting every Effie award and finalist into points – 12 for a Grand Effie, eight for Gold, six for Silver, four for Bronze and two for a finalist (with contributing agencies receiving half these points).
Introduced in 2011, the Effie Effectiveness Index recognizes the importance of marketing effectiveness by revealing which companies were the most successful at creating ideas that delivered results. The Index features the most effective Marketers, Brands, Agency Holding Groups, Agency Networks, Agency Offices, and Independent Agencies.

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