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AD STARS 2019: Who and What to Watch out for on the AD STARS’ Video Stage

AD STARS 2019 is fast approaching. To be held in Busan, Korea on August 22-24, those planning to go should prepare for the new and exciting things in store for them at the festival. 

One such activity that is available to anyone free-of-charge is the AD STARS’ Video Stage, which can be found on the first floor of the Convention Hall at BEXCO. The Video Stage will be a platform where people can watch successful branded content case studies. This is perfect for those with an interest in commercial creativity because they can gain insights from both creators and influencers. 

Day 1


On August 22, 2019, two talks will be gracing the Video Stage. One of them will include Yoonkyung Kim, the Managing Director of BGF retail, and Youngjoo Cho, who operates digital communication strategies in Bio & Healthcare

The talk, “CU’s Influencer Marketing Secrets to Improve Customer Experience,” is an opportunity for attendees to learn how to co-create with micro-influencers. These days, micro-influencers often know the customers better, so collaborating with them can be a good form of advertisement. 

Day 2

On August 23, 2019, there will be three talks happening on the Video Stage. One of them is entitled “How to Make Attractive Influencer Contents without Copyright Mistakes”. In this talk, Bohee Lee, the Team Manager of mobile/online marketing platform ODDM, will be talking about trendy content popular among ADPICK influencers, what features in influencer contents do users respond to, and common mistakes in copyright that can be found in content creation.  

Another talk happening on the same day is “When Brands Meet Video Content.” Delivering the talk will be Dougbong Kim, the Chief Marketing Officer of MakeUs/Dingo. You’ll learn about great examples of branded content and Kim will walk you through the reasons why they became successful. 

Day 3

On August 24, 2019, the last day of AD STARS, there will also be three talks. NS Home Shopping Show Host, creator, and blogger, MOONGOON, along with two other Korean creators and influencers.

Check out the full list of speakers on the Video Stage here

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