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ADC Awards 2019: Total of 106 Finalists Announced for the Global ADC 98th Annual Awards — Agencies from Japan and China Take Lead

NEW YORK — A total of 106 finalists from across Asia have been announced for the global ADC 98th Annual Awards.  The news was released today by The One Club for Creativity, the world’s foremost non-profit organization celebrating creative excellence in advertising and design.

Entries for the ADC 98th Annual Awards were up 11% over last year, received from 48 countries.  There are 708 finalists representing 34 countries. View the complete list of ADC 98th Annual Awards finalists by discipline here.

Japan has the most ADC finalists for the region with 47. Dentsu Tokyo leads the was with 19 finalists, tied for second-most in the world from an agency.  The finalists are split over work for 16 different clients including Kobe Shimbun, Kirin Beverage Company, East Japan Railway Company, Nikkei Inc., Toyota L&F, Mitsubishi Estate Group and others. 


TBWA\Hakuhodo Tokyo has nine finalists, all for AIG “Pride Jersey”.  Hakuhodo Incorporated and Hakuhodo Kettle, both Tokyo, each received two finalists spots.  Shiseido Co. Tokyo has three finalists, all for its own “Black and Red” work.  

China has 30 ADC finalists this year, led by four for The Nine Shanghai.  Three of the agency’s finalists are for Rokid Me – The Portable Smart Speaker “Handheld Concert” and one, with Insight Group Shanghai, for “Kung Fu Water” on behalf of Vatti – Trinity Healthy Dishwasher.

Rounding out the list of ADC finalists from Asia is work from agencies in Republic of Korea with eight, India with six, Russia with five, Hong Kong with four, Singapore and Taiwan with two each, and Egypt and Turkey with one each:

  • Cheil Worldwide, Seoul + Junpasang Production, Seoul + Bounce Creative, Seoul + Yonggamhan Production, Seoul for Samsung Fire & Marine Insurance, “Firevase”
  • Dentsu, Tokyo for Kobe Shimbun, “Since 1995”
    • for Advertising Museum Tokyo / Yoshida Hideo Memorial Foundation, “Still Unknown” 
    • for Dentsu Advertising Awards Selection Council, “Aspiration & Perspiration”
    • for East Japan Railway Company, “Get Back, Tohoku”
    • for Good Mornings, “Only for Aesthetic Eyes”
    • for Kirin Beverage Company, Limited, “HEARTLAND 365”
    • for Nikkei, “Sensibility”
    • for Ooedo-Onsen Monogatari, “Ooedo-Onsen Table-Tennis Champion-Table”
  • Dentsu, Tokyo + Taki Oration, Tokyo + Shoei, Tokyo + Que Oration, Nagoya for Noritz oration, “Find a new face of ‘OFURO’”
  • Dentsu, Tokyo + Nissin Foods Holdings, Tokyo + Geek Pictures, Tokyo for Nissin Food Holdings, “Akuma no Kimura (Demonically Spicy Ramen)
  • Dentsu, Tokyo + Qosmo, Tokyo for Tokyo Stradivarius Festival 2018 Committee / Nippon Violin, “Stradivarius: Timeless Journey”
  • Dentsu, Tokyo + Taki Oration, Tokyo + TOW, Tokyo + Taiyo Kikaku, Tokyo for Mitsubishi Estate Group, “240 Posters of Rugby Strategy”
  • Dentsu, Tokyo + TOW, Tokyo + Taki Otation, Tokyo for Kodansha, “The Low-Budget Manga Parody”
  • Dentsu, Tokyo + J.C. Spark, Tokyo + Amana, Tokyo for The Hokkoku Shimbun, “72POSTERS for school teams participating in the high school sumo tournament”
  • Dentsu, Tokyo + Pyramind Film Quadra, Tokyo + Ginger Design Studio, Tokyo + Dentsu Public Relations, Tokyo for Dentsu, “Music Lessons Using Soundless Beats”
  • Ogilvy Hong Kong, Hong Kong for Birdland (Hong Kong, “Hot & Spicy”
  • Shiseido, Tokyo for Shiseido, “Black and Red”
  • TBWA\ Hakuhodo, Tokyo for AIG, “Pride Jersey”
  • The Nine x Insight Group, Shanghai for Vatti / Trinity Healthy Dishwasher, “Kungfu Water”
  • W/ , Shanghai + Illusion, Bangkok for Ou Shang Hui Trading (Shenzhen), Sammix, “Delete the Dirt”
  • Artless, Tokyo for Central China Hotel Management, MIST Hot Spring Hotel
  • Pen, Tokyo for The Factory Climbing Gym, “A simple line, a simple sport”
  • The Nine, Shanghai for Rokid Me / The Portable Smart Speaker, “Handheld Concert”
  • Stripes, Osaka for Heiwa Paper, “PAPER LAB. Playing”
  • Superunion, Hong Kong for Noc Coffee Company, “Noc Coffee Company”
  • IC4Design, Hiroshima + Shobunsha Publications, Tokyo for Shobunsha Publications, Inc., “CITIES Tokyo”
  • Knot, Tokyo for fossette hair Ginza, “Book + Plant + Hair = fossette”
  • Linshaobin Design, Shantou for Guangzhou Song’s club, “Mountain Tea – Song”
  • Pictoglaze, Singapore for Pictoglaze, “Festive Art”
  • Yukai Du, London + Meitu Pic, Hangzhou for Meitu Pic, “Night”
  • Hakahudo Kettle, Tokyo + TBWA\ Hakahudo, Tokyo + Hakahudo, Tokyo for Takasaki City, “Red Restraunts List”
  • AKQA Shanghai, Shanghai + Hydra Design Group, Manila + Millipede, Sydney for Nike Greater China, “Shanghai Never Done Shop”
  • Cheil Worldwide, Seoul + IM Fine, Seoul + Someady Spring, Seoul for Seoul Metropolitan Government / Hope Bridge “DustSee”
  • Hakuhodo, Tokyo + Hakuhodo Product’s, Tokyo + Hakuhodo I-Studio, Tokyo for Hakuhodo, “Brain Drool 2016 Archive”
  • Hakuhodo Kettle, Tokyo + Hakuhodo, Tokyo for Softbank, “720 Hours of Youth”
  • R/GA Shanghai for Nike, “Don’t Call Me Precious”
  • Canaria, Tokyo for Lenor Japan, “Packages for a haute couture facial esthetic salon ‘EN’”
  • CC-Zendesign Brand Studio, Shenzhen for Qishan Fuying dry noodle, “Qishan Fuying dry noodle”
  • Good Design Company, Tokyo + Writing Style, Tokyo for I’ll, “Packaging of ‘Tokyo Chocolat Factory’”
  • Guangshou Dakoo Creative Marketing and Planning, Quangzhou for Carlsberg, “15 Minutes World Cup”
  • Linshaobin Design, Shantou for Guangzhou Song’s Club, “Mountain Tea – Song”
    • for Shantou Choteng Condiment, “Choteng”
  • Nova Design, Beijing for Dong Tian, “KRAS Makeup packaging”
  • Lycra, Shanghai + FCB, Shanghai + Steam, Shanghai + Bandaloop Vertical Dance Company, Oakland for Lycra, China, “4 Key Visuals for the Lycra Advertising Campaign China”
  • Grey Group Hong Kong, Hong Kong for Greenpeace Hong Kong, “Polluted Soap”
  • Serviceplan Germany, Munich + Serviceplan Korea, Seoul for Dot Incorporation, “Dot Mini. The First Smart Media Device for the Visually Impaired.”
  • A Black Cover Design, Beijing for Power Station of Art (Shanghai), “In & Out”
  • Maru, Tokyo for Maru, “Tools”
  • Minmin Qu & Qian Jiang, Nanjing for The Commercial Press, “Yu-ichi Inoue / Shiko Munakata / Kazuo Yagi”
  • N\A, Beijing for Mugui culture company “Six hundred poems of Tang Dynasty selected by Jin Shengtan”
    • for Sanjie art company, “Live a serious life: Notes Calendar”
  • Nanjing Qing Tang Design, Nanjing for Nanjing Press, “The 9th National Book Design Art Exhibition Excellent Works Collection”
    • for People’s Fine Arts Publishing House, “The Physics of ‘Chen Qi’ — a Cultivated Controller and a Mad Experimenter”
  • Phoenix Education Publishing, Nanjing + Shanghai Artron Art Printing, Shanghai for Phoenix Education Publishing, “Old Trades of Jiangsu”
  • T-Change Design, Nanjing for Jianyu Graphics Lab
    • for Nanjing Graphic Designer Alliance, “Mutual Observation and Learning”
  • TBWA India Mumbai, Mumbai for NeuroGen Brain and Spine Institute / Asha Ek Hope Foundation, “Blink to Speak”
  • TenMillionTimes Design, Nanjing for Beijing United Publishing for “The Sick Bag Song”
  • XXL Studio, Beijing for Shanghai People’s Fine Arts Publishing House, “11×16 XXL Studio”
  • Artless, Tokyo for Artless Trading Company, “Artless Craft Tea & Coffee”
  • Black, Singapore + Art-Zoo, Singapore for Art-Zoo Private Limited, “Art-Zoo Inflatable Park 2017”
  • Lawrence Kim Architect, Korea for City of Samcheok, “Memorial in the Path”
    • for Nature Conservation Agency of Latvia, “Visitor Center in the Forest”
  • Hakuhodo, Tokyo + NTT Docomo, Tokyo + AOI Pro, Tokyo + Hakuhodo Product’s, Tokyo for NTT Docomon, “Colors”
  • Shenzhen Dae Interior Design, Shenzhen City for China Overseas Property, “Cop the Piedmont”
    • for CTS Hong Kong, “CTS Chengdu Ocean Spring Showing Center”
  • The Nine, Shanghai for Rokid Me / The Portable Smart Speaker, “The Handheld Concert”
  • We+, Tokyo for Issey Miyake, “Issey Miyake S/S 2018 Window Installation”
  • Yebin Interior Design Studio, Hangzhou for Chocolab, “From Private Into Prying: Chocolab Boutique Store”

Philippine finalist:

  • AKQA Shanghai, Shanghai + Hydra Design Group, Manila + Millipede, Sydney for Nike Greater China, “Shanghai Never Done Shop”

Globally, work receiving the most finalists spots are “Price On Our Lives” for March for Our Lives by McCann New York and “Pride Jersey” for AIG by TBWA\Hakuhodo Tokyo with nine each, followed by Apple “Welcome Home” by TBWA\Media Arts Lab Los Angeles with eight.  

The One Club for Creativity awards shows each have their distinct focus.  The ADC Annual Awards juries maintains its historical concentration as the champion for craft, design and innovation, while The One Show judges focus on creativity of ideas and quality of execution.  

Reflecting the fast-growing use and importance of augmented reality and virtual reality in creative marketing programs, The One Club this year announced Snapchat as a sponsor of a pair of ADC 98th Annual Awards submission categories covering those areas: Interactive-AR/VR and Experiential Design-Digital Experiences.  In addition, The OneClub this year created new ADC Annual Awards subcategories for Snapchat single and campaign entries for posts, ads or campaigns utilizing the platform’s individual qualities and strengths.

This year’s winners will be announced at the ADC 98th Annual Awards Ceremony on May 6, 2019, 6:30 pm-12:00 am at Metropolitan West, 639 West 46th St., New York.  

The awards ceremony is part of The One Club for Creativity’s Creative Week, May 6-10, 2019 in New York (  The preeminent festival showcasing the intersection of advertising, innovation and creative thinking, Creative Week also includes The One Show over two nights, the dynamic Young Ones Education Festival,inspiring sessions with some of the biggest names in the industry at the Creative Summit and the exclusive Executive Creative Summit, open to a limited number of top-level leaders (founders, CCOs, managing partners).


The One Club for Creativity (, producer of the prestigious One Show, ADC Annual Awards, Creative Week and Portfolio Night, is the world’s foremost non-profit organization recognizing creative excellence in advertising and design.  The ADC Annual Awards honors the best work across all disciplines, including Advertising, Interactive, Design and Motion. Creative Week takes place in New York City every May and is the preeminent festival celebrating the intersection of advertising and the arts.

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