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adoboLIVE! Professor John Howkins on coining the term, ‘The Creative Economy’

adobo magazine speaks with Professor John Howkins, internationally renowned consultant and author of the term ‘The Creative Economy’ and tells us the story behind it. 

According to Professor Howkins, there is no standard definition of the word, ‘Creative Economy’. For him, every country needs to create their own model for the creative economy. “Every country has its own culture, every country has its own history, every country has its own aesthetic.” 

Hence, when asked what are the things that need to be done in order to have a flourishing creative economy, Professor Howkins said that a country needs to look at their own culture and history and find out what they’re passionate about. 


Finally, Professor Howkins talked about the state of the Philippine’s creative economy, stating that he hopes the country will have a mass movement in which everybody – from the highest level of the government to city level, and neighborhood level – will think ‘Yes! We can do this!’ and walk hand in hand to advance the creative economy of the Philippines.

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