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Awards: Beyond Plastic Awards announces winners that honor innovation and creativity in sustainable design

KRONBERG, Germany– The global online platform for eco-designed solutions announces the winners of the 2020 BEYONDPLASTIC AWARD. The Award’s motto is: Let us design and create eco-responsible products and solutions and transform single-use plastic products into solutions made of environmentally sound materials.

The Award is directed towards students, designers, engineers, makers, creators, inventors, artists. For each category there will be a Gold, Silver and Bronze Award with trophies and cash prizes of more than 7,000 Euros in total.

The winners that honor the innovation and creativity in sustainable design in four categories are as follows:


Most practical impact to reduce the use of plastics

  • Gold: Unpack Less, Peel More by Elena Amato, Ponto Biodesign from Brazil
    • The project aims to create a packaging that enables the materials to flow in integrated and regenerative loops. The packaging system was created for handmade personal care pro- ducts, manufactured locally with natural ingredients.

  • Silver: Coolpaste – Think outside the box! by Allan Gomes from Brazil
    • Coolpaste is a sustainable packaging design that literally thinks outside the box. The designer Allan Gomes gave birth to an eco-friendly alter ego of our trusty old toothpaste.

  • Bronze: Waxy by Ecosoc. Mohamed Hassan Mahamad, Mohamed Abdirashid Farah, Shamso Hussein from Somalia
    • In order to clean up the cities of their plastic waste, Waxy Technology introduces an innovative chemical-free and energy-conserving plastic extrusion to recycle and transform waste plastics, packaging materials and agricultural waste into durable and environmentally friendly roof tiles, interlocking bricks, paving stones and plastic lumbers

Most innovative approach

  • Gold: The Item Bag 2.0: Packaging That Dissolves! by Jack Cleary and the Wastebased Team from United Kingdom
    • Item Bag 2.0 – a biodegradable, non-toxic, carbon-negative storage bag made from a polymer similar to the material used to coat dishwasher/laundry tablets, that dissolves in boiling water.

  • Silver: The Shellworks by Insiya Jafferjee, Amir Afshar Edward Jones from United Kingdom
    • Shellworks makes home-compostable materials from seafood waste that degrade in just 4-6 weeks. After the product life-cycle the material will start degrading when placed in earth and even acts as a natural fertilizer for plants.

Most beautiful solution

  • Gold: Shell Homage – Bio Material Out of Egg & Nut Shells by Rania Elkalla from Germany
    • Shell Homage is a biodegradable composite material out of egg and nut shells without toxic chemicals. It is completely biodegradable and can decompose when no longer in use. It can be used in several industries as product design, interior design, consumable goods and jewellery design.

  • Silver: Aqua Faba Foam by Paula Nerlich from Germany
    • The bioplastic based on aquafaba from chickpeas, which is currently under development, shows great potential for mechanical manufacturing and thus for industrial production.

  • Bronze: by Margarita Talep from Chile
    • intends to replace single-use plastics with a new material extracted from algae. The Spanish term “Desintegra me” implies, that it will disappear after using it. Pigments are extracted from the skin of discarded fruits and vegetables.

Best Initiative in Education / Journalism / Campaigning

  • Gold: U-RETAIN by John Emmanuel Kachakwale & Beatrice Phiri from Zambia
    • U-Retain seeks to use waste plastic as a purchasing power for educational basics such as books, pencils, school uniforms, school bags, school shoes and help adolescents in examinations classes pay their examination fee. Furthermore the initiative allows streets kids and the less privileged to get food and sanitary products.

  • Gold: Choose the Reusable Cup by Sabina Maksimova, Ilian Iliev & Evgenia Tasheva from Bulgaria
    • The “Choose the Reusable Cup” project is as a local community initiative in a state kindergarten in the town of Varna, Bulgaria. The project has the ambitious task to reach parent communities across the whole country. 

  • Silver: BIOMATERIALS: A new Cultural Statement by Maria Jose Besoain and the LABVA Team from Chile
    • LABVA is an independent, self organized community group that go out in nature to study plants & natural materials and experiment creating new biomaterials by developing kitchen recipes or growing them. LABVA’s approach is about reconnecting with nature and the local culture and build an awareness, emotional binding and cultural identity with materials and their use.

  • Bronze: Dopper Changemaker Challenge Junior by Anneke Hendriks & Chrissie van Heijnigen, Dopper. Anne Sallaerts, Designathon Works from the Netherlands
    • Dopper Changemaker Challenge Junior is an international competition for children aged 8 to 12 that challenges them to develop solutions to single-use plastic pollution in our oceans.


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