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BBH introduces one punny “Shelf Help Guru” for Ikea

Singapore – Ikea has started a hilarious, pun-filled social media campaign responding to homemaking questions from customers in Singapore and Malaysia.

Headlining the campaign is a “Shelf Help Guru” named Fille Güte, helping a couple sort out home problems with Ikea products in a video titled “Improve your private life.”


The guru then went to the Ikea Singapore and Ikea Malaysia Facebook page, starting a thread to answer queries on ways to improve their bedroom and bathroom with punny memes and a link to a product on the Ikea website that might solve the problem. This is accompanied by contest where participants in the thread get the chance to win an RM80 or S$50 Ikea Gift Card.

Ikea has a knack with comical campaigns. One of the most memorable is “Bookbook” last September which takes a jab at Apple’s over-the-top ads. Interestingly, the blond-haired Jörgen Eghammer, also known as Chief Design Guru, in that campaign is the same guy playing as Fille Güte.

The campaign was done by BBH Singapore and Malysia.


Associate Account Director: Manavi Sharma

Project Director & Producer: Lesley Chelvan

Social Strategist: Josie Khng

Community Managers: Nurul Maideen & Aainaa Yahya

Senior Art Director: Janson Choo

Senior Copywriter: Khairul Mondzi

Art Director: Bae Soo Yeon

Production House: BlackSheep

Live Photographer: Jason Denning

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